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Give a golf club to Tiger Woods, and you know what to expect: Great golf.

Give the same club to Mr. Woods’s wife, and, well, you get something else again.

Give our politicians both a huge allowance and unlimited credit, and you get a batch of people unable to control their spending.

Expected, or unexpected?

Expected. Of course. We’ve come to expect this for a very long time. That’s why both the Federalists who wrote the Constitution, and the anti-Federalists who amended it, were obsessively concerned with checks and balances, with limitations on government.

Unfortunately, too often we speak of BIG government these days. But it’s not the size, as such, that is the problem. It’s the unlimited nature of it.

So when you have a chance to check government at the ballot box — say, in a state or local initiative or referendum — ask whether the measure limits government or unlimits it.

And, when considering a candidate, look for his or her promises about limits. If the candidate won’t limit spending in some very sure way, or the candidate’s own terms in office, then reject the candidate. Vote against. Go to the polls and write someone else’s name in, if that’s the only pro-limit, pro-liberty thing you can do.

We’ve got to put “limits” back into the conversation. Think constitutions. Think rule of law. Think liberty.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Shelley says:

    Looks like you should keep your commentary to politics and leave people’s private lives out of it. Mr Woods appears to have had many layers of mistresses at one time. He should count his blessings his father isn’t alive to see the mess he has made of his life. Looks like his self esteem was pretty low if he was willing to damage his family, his reputation and create scars for a lifetime. This very well could impact for a long time, the level he will be golfing at. It appears the family needs to get into a good family values church so they are accountable to each other and to their church community.

  2. voxoreason says:

    >>Think constitutions. Think rule of law. Think liberty.

    Personally, I think that the EPA determining that CO2 is a pollutant responsible for “global warming” (a hoax that has, in equal measures, been revealed and covered up) is a flashing “DANGER!” sign. I would like to think that 2011 is a real possibility. (That’s my optimistic outlook.)

    People talk about 2020, 2030, and up, noting what the number of, say, nuclear reactors will be by then. (I read such a prediction today.)

    I wonder: who will run them? Mad Max?

    Obama may have already succeeded in bringing about the end of our “experiment in democracy.” America simply doesn’t realize it’s dead yet. (If your head is chopped off, your brain will have sufficient blood to think for a few seconds. I read a novel in which the head was the narrator for a very short passage. I later read confirmation of this re the guillotine, I think, as those in attendance were amused by these few seconds.)

    I’m no spring chicken, so it’s the young people today who will really feel the major hurtin’ when it comes.

    Tiger Woods? Gotta admit: great distraction. Obama has delivered the Age of Distractions… so that we don’t see that his seeming incompetence is a convincing mask for the effective communist that he is.

    Sorry, but I really don’t spend sleepless nights grieving over the successful, highly competent, and wealthy. Those who have ruined their lives with excess (cocaine, alcohol, mistresses, whatever), often fatally (Elvis, Michael Jackson come to mind) have only themselves to blame.

    But I suspect that Woods will survive, one way or the other. He’s a billionaire, while the prenup was for $300 mill. Gosh, that only leaves him with more than 2/3 of a billion dollars. Maybe he’ll buy store brands when he shops for groceries?

  3. Essy says:

    When you think about it, that’s got to be the right asnewr.

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