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Tyrants don’t like an armed populace. The extent tyrannies will go to make sure citizens are disarmed can boggle the mind.

Take England. Please.

In Great Britain, private gun ownership is now illegal. This is not just a policy of trying to reduce concealed carrying of firearms — it’s a complete and utter prohibition, with no leniency.

Consider the recent case of 27-year-old Paul Clarke, a former soldier. He spied a garbage bag in the wrong place, went to look, and found a shotgun with ammo inside. He new guns were illegal, so he made an appointment with the local Chief Superintendent, and took it to the police station in the morning.

He was then arrested and imprisoned for possessing a firearm. He didn’t know that the law was so stringent as to make even touching a firearm, with the intention of giving it to the police, a no-no. But he was prosecuted and convicted for doing just that. By the time you hear/read this, he’ll have been sentenced.  I’m hoping the judge is lenient. The five years minimum, which is how the law reads, is idiotic in the extreme.

The law is more than just dumb, it’s tyrannical. There’s no excuse for such nonsense.

Free Paul Clarke! And weep for Britain, where some say liberty was born. Liberty sure seems dead there now — as is common sense.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Richard Onley says:

    So this guy was a soldier? I have a tough time generating any sympathy for someone getting an up-close look at the very government policies he once fought to defend.
    There’s really only one factor that’ll be effective in reversing the growth of the State. Voting won’t do it; superior firepower certainly won’t. But when enough people find out from first-hand experience just how they, personally (you’d think I could add “and their families,” but the drug war shows what a perverse delight they get from sacrificing their offspring), are regarded by the government they’ve done so much to perpetuate, real change will finally begin.

  2. Rubicon says:

    This British man shows all just how crazed liberal policies can be. Liberals always start w/ what they sell as ‘reasonable’ laws to “protect” us all. The problem w/ their “reasonable” approach is, those laws or regulatory policies, or other government intrusions into the lives of free citizens, is that those laws progress & grow. Its never enough to say, do not do this or that. Once the foothold is gained, the push is then on to expand such laws. Those expansions become oppressive. I bet the law this man was arrested for violating, was NOT on the books when the gun confiscation laws were initially passed. That prosecuting him for doing a civic duty, is not only wrong, its downright insane.
    Health care ‘reform’ in America is currently being debated. Britain once developed such a plan & enacted it. Since their plan was passed into law, it has become the single largest employer in Britain, perhaps even the entire European Union, & its costs to the British taxpayer has eaten away at their incomes to the extent many end up ‘on the dole’ (as its called there), because their meager pension cannot support the taxes as they go up & up & up, to cover rising costs with much less actual health care service. This is what America will reap, as liberals push for ‘reform’, that will sound reasonable to start, but once passed into law & the government bureaucrats take over, will morph into a draconian government entity that will domineer over all, except the elite who will have been provided exemptions, exceptions, & alternatives not available to the unwashed masses.
    Unfortunately, a liberal media is selling many who have not learned facts, but are caught up in ‘do-gooder’ rhetoric, that is lies built upon more lies, so the elite can seize even more wealth & power.

  3. R Maule says:

    While I entirely agree that the arrest and trial of a citizen who thought he was performing a public service is way over the top. On the other hand, Paul Jacob should know that as a journalist he should check his facts. He states categorically that it is illegal to own a firearn in the UK. Not true. A shotgun license can be obtained quite easily. It is a bit more difficult to get a license for other weapons, but they are available under certain conditions.
    Eroneous statements like Mr. Jacob’s caste doubt on his credibility.

  4. Allan says:

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  5. Lilian says:

    You put the lime in the coconut and drink the atricle up.

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