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It seems like only yesterday that Burt Rutan flew SpaceShip One into near-orbit and received the Ansari X-Prize for piloting the first manned private craft into space.

But it’s been five years.

Things have happened in the meantime. To be specific, SpaceShip Two, just unveiled.

It’s a much larger ship than the original, capable of carrying six passengers as well as two pilots. It has more windows. I like windows.

A year or so ago the company, Virgin Galactic, had shown off their White Knight Two, a twin-fuselage aircraft designed to ferry SpaceShip Two high into the atmosphere.

There’s still a lot of work to be done before rich people can actually trek up into space. Yes, space tourism is a few years away. But it’s coming, and it’s important.

As long as space is a government-subsidized and -organized industry, it will suffer from the usual problems associated with bureaucracies and politics.

But let’s give NASA its due: Those scientists and engineers took the risks, squelching the screechings of many folks who, these days, don’t approve of burning any kind of fuel, really, or risking anyone’s life. Think of the lawsuits that would have happened — the OSHA violations, for instance — had private industry been allowed to start this!

Now, it’s high time for private enterprise to take over. To make space flight rational. And fun, again.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Sheldon says:

    My objection to NASA is that they, like most government projects and bureaucracies, are using
    (i. e. wasting) my money to accomplish very little or nothing of worth to me or anyone else in our republic.

  2. voxoreason says:

    Obama and his cronies/masters have spent the better part of a year building a monumental “Health Care” bill that celebrates the waste of money that accomplishes little of anything beneficial to large numbers of Americans. (And, yes, that means you young whippuh-snappuhs, too, as you seem to be realizing: fines and/or jail; sounds tempting, huh?)

    Dem senators proved the old saw that “Every man (and woman) has his (her) price.” And Nelson did as he was told: Take the $500 million (let the other states pay for it) and vote yes… or else. Yup, profiles in courage: The Price is Right! We have a winner, not to mention millions of losers.

    As we enter a depression (because dems, not remembering history…, took the FDR/Hoover big spending/high taxes “solution” as opposed to Warren Harding’s approach of “let the free market work itself out,” hence few people mention Harding and HIS recession, which worked itself out in 3 years), mightn’t we “waste” a little money on something inspirational, if only a last gasp before China and India, which educate their children, while we do not, ascend to the top of the food chain?

    Perhaps we could make it contingent upon NASA coming clean about its participation in the crumbling Global Warming hoax? It’s an ill wind…

    Merry Christmas, even for those who can’t afford the Santa Claus syndrome, which leans ever closer to the service of Mammon. We celebrate the birth of our Savior, Who promised eternal life for those believers who would repent so that they might go to the Father through the Son. No 42″ plasma TV screens required.

    Cherish those you love, and for those you simply can’t stand, be pleasant if brief, in your conversation.

    God bless.

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