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The funniest show on TV? Health care reform. It’s a laugh a minute.

More awkward pauses than The Office. The melodramatic back-stabbing that makes Desperate Housewives amusing. Plus, nearly as much deliberation as Wife Swap.

Boy, do we have great politicians. For Christmas they got us much better medical care and at lower cost. But wait, the federal deficit gets reduced in the process. They just vote it into being. Shazam!

How can they do it? By sticking it to the insurance companies!

Funny, the stock prices of health insurance companies have shot up . . . just as this legislation is passing. President Obama brought the House down, in his weekly television bit, proclaiming these bills are “the toughest measures we’ve ever taken to hold the insurance industry accountable.”

The more sophisticated humor is how polls show most Americans opposed to the plan Congress rushes to pass. So, who are the beneficiaries? Those who slipped special deals into this 2,000-plus page bill?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that’s what legislating is all about. But giving unfair deals to certain states to entice their senator’s vote looks, well, sorta blatantly crooked. Not to mention fiscally irresponsible. The sale of Senator Ben Nelson’s vote gained Nebraska a Medicare expansion on the federal taxpayers’ tab . . . forever.

The silver lining is that, at the rate they’re going, forever may not be so long.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. George says:

    Does “forever” really mean until a Congress not beholden to Harry Reid and Ben Nelson gets voted into office?

    What of this abortion (payed for by us) of a health care bill could not be undone by a Congress and (new) President in 2013 (since few will be expecting any benefits before 2013 or 2014?)

  2. Roger says:

    How can voting a benefit to one state paid by the rest NOT be illegal or unconstitutional? What’s to stop California and New York and a couple other densely populated states from having the rest of the country pay their way? To an extent, that’s the same scam as earmarks. Enough already! Throw the bums out, and keep throwing till we get leaders who actually know and follow the Constitution and listen to all the people.

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