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Could House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have spilled the beans, laid bare her party’s vision of economic growth in one offhand utterance?

A terrible tragedy in impoverished Haiti. An earthquake. The scope of the damage staggers the imagination . . . and spurs outpourings of charitable aid from America, and across the globe.

And this is where Mrs. Pelosi chimes in. As if she had never heard of the Broken Window Fallacy, she just blurted it out, hazarding that Haiti “can leap-frog over its past challenges, economically, politically, and demographically in terms of the rich and the poor and the rest there, and have a new — just a new, fresh start.”

Over 70,000 dead, Haiti in ruins, and she’s talking about hope for a “real boom economy.”

Now, I know, politicians like to spend money. They think it does a lot of good — though in Haiti’s case, the billions spent, previously, have sure fizzled. But Pelosi isn’t just arguing that the aid is going to remake an impoverished country. She thinks that scurrying about rebuilding is a net positive.

If you wonder why politicians so like economic booms, even the most artificial ones, look no further. They cannot distinguish between real progress and the frenzy of making up for disaster.

Perhaps that’s why they are so nonchalant about the disasters their own taxes and regulations so often cause.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Mark R says:

    Sounds to me like there’s a plan in the works to make all the Haitians US citizens. More votes for the progressive party.

  2. Rubicon says:

    Whether Haiti is incorporated into America or not, the liberal agenda has always been to spend like there is no tomorrow. They know their advantage in Congress & the White House this time around, may never come again.
    That is exactly why President Obama doubled down in his “State of the Union” speech. He did not back up. He did not acknowledge the effect of Scott Brown’s election to the Senate. It meant nothing to him, since his plans are his only goal.
    Liberals want a socialist America. They despise our Constitution. Obama once said he felt it was oppressive. What he meant was, it was in the way of his plans. It stopped him from enacting laws or implementing policies or regulations that would benefit people according to his perspective of who should get what.
    Pelosi & Reid are like minded. They see a Democrat majority forever, if they can pull off a number of their plans. They see crisis after crisis to enable them to push plans on us we would never have even contemplated. Under duress, Americans may foolishly agree to many things that in the calm of the morning they would never have agreed to.
    Obama plans to push the health care overhaul through. It is an overhaul, not reform. Reform means one makes revisions to the existing system. Obama plans to eviscerate the existing private insurance system of health care delivery in favor of his national plan. He sees a one system operation. The unions see thousands of new unionized federal employees to bolster their ranks. they see all that forced dues. they see all those union voters who vote almost lockstep to whatever their leaders shout at them during rallies. Like Obama’s speeches, all we get are rallies, almost like permanent campaign mode.
    Obama & company also see the United Nations as a player in this. He sees the UN as the one world government with the US as a member state of this new one world government. Think this is crazy? Then why did the UN tell folks at the Copenhagen Conference they needed cap & trade taxes to fund their efforts at global governance.
    Global governance is nothing else but one world government. Obama & his many liberal minions actually think ‘they’ will have a place at the power table once the UN runs the show. (Somehow, I think they would be in for a rude awakening).
    Anyway, Democrats plan to spend & spend based on their failed concept of spending us out of a recession. Government spending that is. The vast majority of those jobs supposedly created from the ‘stimulus,’ are nothing more than temporary jobs. Government jobs like these never stay around. Only private sector jobs will stay around. They know this. What they want is control so that once in total power they can use the private sector which by then will be an arm of the government.
    Too bad. The public will be out in force come 2010 elections. Then, come 2012, the real rally will begin.
    Obama, Acorn, & other do-gooder groups, will make every effort (legal & otherwise) to capture those elections. They missed out in Mass since it happened so quickly & they could not muster their forces. Bet in 20101 & 2012 those forces will be out in real force.
    Hopefully the public will see through this smokescreen & oust these nuts before they destroy America.

  3. Ken Warner says:

    While it is troubling me that I have even 5% agreement with that old _itch (fill in the blank with whatever letter you feel appropriate)

    One positive that could come out of this horrific event is some clean up of the horribly complicated real property laws in Haiti, as well as the installation of a modern and adequate infrastructure, (water, sewers, roads, phones, internet etc) that have contributed to the democrat like corruption in that country.
    So only in the sense that the opportunity now exists to correct some old problems with less resistant is this slightly positive.

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