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After Scott Brown captured the U.S. Senate seat Ted Kennedy had occupied for decades, we heard two different views of the event.

One said the surprise victory of an obscure state senator over the anointed Democrat in such a Democrat-leaning state had much to do with growing antagonism to runaway federal spending and spastic efforts to expand federal control over our lives. That Scott Brown promised to vote against Obamacare supports this view. So do exit polls showing that 41 percent of participants “strongly oppose” the health care legislation, only 25 percent “strongly favor” it.

The other notion is that Brown won only because people are frustrated. President Obama declared that “the same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept [him] into office.” People are “angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

See, it’s all Bush-legacy stuff, not anything Obama and the Democrats have been doing.

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

Not everyone’s wearing blinders. Soon after Brown won, Democratic Senator Jim Webb said the election had been a referendum on both health care legislation and “the integrity of the government process.” He urged fellow Democrats not to try ramming Obamacare through before Brown could be seated.

Hmmm. Listening to the voters. Good idea, Jim.

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  1. voxoreason says:

    Besides correctly identifying the day of the week or a particular holiday, other mundane statements of fact, has Obama *ever* made a true statement? (Okay, Obama is bringing about “fundamental transformation”… he’s just going in the wrong direction! Russia and China are laughing at him for being such a rank amateur!)

    Glenn Beck gets smeared (for “smearing” Obama/other progressive liberals), but he always has the “instant replay” on audio/videotape, either of which will have Obama’s words displayed onscreen. How exactly is quoting someone verbatim “smearing”?

    For years, voters have had to vote for the lesser of two evils. Now, the Tea Partiers aren’t interested in tax and spend liberals (actually, I rather like Jim Webb, but he, too, voted for ObamaCare… and like every other dem senator, he was “the 60th vote”) nor “moderate” RINOs who fold like a lawn chair.

    Sadly, economics is not taught in most high schools, so many voters might not have a grasp of the terminology, but a majority seems to realize that Obama is trying to borrow our way to prosperity… from China. China owns the USA’s mortgage…and we’re underwater. We live and breathe at China’s pleasure. (Bush tapped China for the Iraq war.)

    A friend may loan you five bucks, for example, but this does not put you up by five dollars, but in debt by five dollars. You might spend it on a fast food lunch and have an empty wallet, ie, NOTHING to show for it… but you’re still in debt for the fiver. Ya got LESS THAN NOTHING.

    We need to cut spending (money that we don’t have…and haven’t had for some time now) and cut taxes. “Tax credits” (a form of spending) are a joke: who wants to borrow OR loan in this shaky economy? Sorry, the ice (the amount of the tax credit) is simply too thin for skating!

    But we are assured: “I am not an ideologue.” This is perhaps the biggest lie ever.

    If Obama’s nose grew every time he told a blatant lie, he would have to live out in wide, open spaces, unable to walk into a warehouse or a football stadium (and he’d have to be dropped by helicopter into the stadium)!

    Maybe somewhere out in fly-over country. (“The horror…the horror…”) And, much like these huge people who have to have a wall knocked out to get them to a hospital, Obama would probably have to live lying down on his side, unable to support the weight of his elongated nose.

    But he would presumably still be able to sign a health care bill… even with all the stuff that was “snuck in”…maybe even the stuff that was snuck in during private meetings with Reid and Pelosi at the White House. Reid and Pelosi must be pretty good at sneaking things in, huh?

    What’s more surprising is the dems aren’t abandoning him like the Titanic post-iceberg, but seem to think that they’re going to bluff their way out of this mess.

    Our government has screwed us over big-time… and there will be hell to pay. But, as with going to the dentist with a sore toothe, the longer it’s put off, the worse it will be. (The end of Atlas Shrugged, but most of us won’t be in the Rockies under the protective shield.)

    Hopefully, this will happen before the NY TIMES and the major TV networks are deemed “too big to fail.”

    CBS was in 3rd place with their evening “news” broadcast. They paid Katie Couric $15 mill/year. They’re still in 3rd place three years later. Seems like they’re not “too big,” but “destined” to fail.

    Check this out at home: Watching Obama speak somewhere today, I noted that he would look to the teleprompter to his right, then look a bit further to the right, then back to the ‘prompter, then to the teleprompter on his left, then a bit further to the left, back to the left ‘prompter, then back to the right ‘prompter, etc. And no, he never seemed to look straight ahead. Just at the two teleprompters and the extreme left and right in one continuous sweep from side to side.

    There are certain forms of plant life that could do this!

    They’ll have this on the news shows tonight. See for yourself.

  2. voxoreason says:

    Oh, Beck also “smears” progressive republicans, too. Ask Lindsey Graham!

    And we need tax cuts along with spending cuts.

  3. Joel Glasser says:

    RE: Obama’s plan to “tax the rich” to pay for Obamacare, and his other useless programs- brings a question to my mind.

    Do the rich include HIS FRIENDS, like Madonna; Couric; and the other limo liberals? or, only hard working people and enterprenuers who start businesses?

    Just asking. Just would like an answer.
    Doubt if I will ever get one ( from Obama, Reid, Pelosi)-which, why isn’t Pelosi offering money to fund programs? her husband is rich, and she got through an eexception to minimum wage for (I beleive American Samoa) where one of his investments (a tuna co.) has a large low paid work force. Lastly, if Obamacare is so good, WHY WERE THE OBAMA FAMILY AND ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS SPECIFICALLY OMITTED FROM IT??
    Again, just asking.

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