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Many American politicians decry any attempt to liberalize the market for grade school education. They insist that the public school system must be protected from competition. They hate charter schools, vouchers, tax credits, anything like that.

Yet many of these same politicians send their own kids to private schools.

But simultaneously promoting government-run industry, while choosing private alternatives, isn’t just an education pathology. Consider medicine.

Canadian politicians eager for medical care that really works have made it a habit to travel to the United States to get it. The latest is Danny Williams, premier of the Canadian providence of Newfoundland and Labradour. Williams recently trekked stateside for heart surgery. His office wasn’t releasing many details, but indicated that the surgery isn’t routine.

That explains it. If there’s any chance a life-saving procedure will be tricky, quality is really important.

Williams’s deputy premier, Kathy Dunderdale, told reporters that surgery in the province was never an option. She said: “He is doing what’s best for him.” I’m sure that’s true.

Folks, we can’t, just cannot, further put the American medical industry under government bureaucratic control — that is, make our health care as bad as Canada’s. There’s got to be somewhere for our Canadian friends to go when they really need the good stuff.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Ruth Wooster says:

    I wish this could be on the front page of every newspaper and on the evening news. But of course it makes too much sense. To quote a friend, “Common sense just isn’t that common anymore.”

  2. Joel says:

    This past summer, I had heart problems ( that i never knew that I had). I am over 60 (under 65) have no insurance. I was treated- QUITE WELL; GIVEN EXCELLENT CARE, at a hospital, by the doctors, nurses, etc. I was never hounded for payment. One comment, however, sticks with me-the cardilogist wh treated me ( and was NOT paid) told me, that under Obamacare, I would probably be dead, as to my age, income levels; other factors. And, under Obamacare- buy insurance or be fined? or risk jail time?

    That makes no sense.

  3. Laws for the Rest of Us…

    Not for them. Paul Jacob wonders why Canadian politicians who created the government-controlled medical care in Canada come to the United States when THEY need real, and efficient medical care as the Canadian Premier did recently. They do the same……


    It’s a sad, sad day for our country. Several of my Canadian friends have told me we don’t want what they have. Just stay mad people and show it at the ballot box in November.

  5. Caelyn says:

    Right on-this hepled me sort things right out.

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