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If you balk at having more and more of your life run from the nation’s capital, you’re stupid.

Or, so blares Joe Klein in a Time magazine online article, “Too dumb to thrive.”

See, “smart” Americans understand that a trillion in federal “stimulus” spending can only do “good.” Apparently dumb Americans are the ones telling pollsters that the “stimulus” money is being wasted.

Klein says the biggest part of the stimulus is a tax cut for most, meaning more money in their paychecks. But ignorant Americans focus on the huge debts we’ll have to pay back . . . in higher taxes.

Klein says that the second biggest portion of stimulus money went to state governments to keep our kids’ teachers from being laid off and state taxes from being raised. The notion that without the stimulus all the public school teachers would have been pink-slipped is a bit much.

As for higher state taxes, couldn’t state spending actually be cut? And not just on police, teachers and firemen?

Klein’s blithering blathering reminds me of Chris Matthews, and other MSNBC geniuses, who contend that politicians are in deep doo-doo because “people are angry and scared” and want to take their frustrations out on someone.

People are angry and scared, sure. But taking out our anger out on those responsible for destroying our wealth and freedom seems . . . well .  .  . smart.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Joel says:

    A question about government spending.


    In New York, (I no longer live there, so i think I could be a bit objective)-new stadiums are needed for the Yankees and Mets- yet Shea Stadium was built in the 1960’s–hardly ancient and decrepit.

    And the recent decision to tear down areas of Brooklyn (using the infamous Kelso rationalization) to build an arena for the NJ Nets. And condos/co-op apartments, although there are many on the market, and while I do not know the inventory level, I am sure that it is more then a few weeks here, in the Tampa bay area, to build a stadium (a few years back) for the Bucs; and the thought that the baseball staidum is outmoded, and spend a billion or so, to build a new one, on the waterfront.
    But, there are too many cops, firemen and teachers, not enough athletic venues, it seems.

    To our politicans.

  2. Drik says:

    So I should be happy at being on the hook for mega dollars that were borrowed to give me a tax cut? On the taxes that are going to be raised as soon as Congress can shift the blame? To collect money for all the spending for entitlements that does nothing to get the economy going?
    So I get taxed $2, on the hook for $1 borrowed, $1 is given to the entitled, $1 is spent on skateboard museums, the govenment takes a cut for their operating costs and interest, and I get any change back. And this is better?

    Here in Georgia, over $350,000 in stimulus money was spent taking Dekalb county school teachers on a boondoggle to Vegas so they could communicate with each other effectively. Not that we don’t have conference rooms here in Atlanta, or auditoriums even at the schools, or videoconferencing in each school.
    BOHICA (bend over, here it comes again)

  3. Judy Kopulos says:

    We must be living in Wonderland!

  4. Rubicon says:

    That ‘tax cut’ wasn’t all that significant for one thing. In addition, from what I understand about the tax cut, most do not realize they must claim that as ordinary income. That means, you will pay taxes on a tax cut supplied by your own taxes in the first place.
    The convoluted reasoning of liberal tax & spenders, is pathetic. The ‘jobs’ the government is creating, other than those in the regular federal system where those employees are seeing record raises & starting salaries are at an all time high, are temporary. Most of the stimulus jobs will not last.
    The new federal bureaucracy employees, and there are a ton of them, will see their salaries go up, their benefits improve, & pay that union dues cause the unions will use the force of the dollar to demand politicians cater to their outrageous demands for just about everything.
    Our president & leaders of congress refuse to control spending &/or reduce the size of an already bloated federal bureaucracy.
    Using firefighters, policemen, & even teachers as pawns to silence public outcry’s for lower taxes, is mean spirited & typical of tax & spend liberals. They will refuse to look at the bloated areas of the bureaucracy, will attacking services they know the public needs & demands. Yet real cuts could seriously control spending & could seriously help reduce the deficit.
    Holding specific government employees or functions hostage in negotiations to reduce overall costs, means you negotiate from the wrong end of the budget & it also means liberal media can pound on all calling for cuts. Media will portray them as irresponsible when in fact, by looking at real reductions in redundant departments & in agencies whose purpose was long ago expended, where there is real waste, we could manage our budgets.
    This shell game liberal spenders use to game the system, is one of the major reasons spending is out of control & its one of the major reasons the public is so disenchanted with their government at all levels.

  5. Drifter says:

    The comparison to Chris Matthews is very apt.

  6. Tyanne says:

    I could watch Schnilder’s List and still be happy after reading this.

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