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President Obama’s credo seems to be that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. He’s “doubling down,” as the phrase goes. We’re going to get his killer dose of government-controlled medicine whether we want it or not.

Scott Brown’s upset victory in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race killed the Democrats’ filibuster-proof 60-vote advantage. So Obama is now in favor of “bipartisanship.” He’s pretending to listen to Republican doubts about strangling what’s left of freedom in the medical industry.

But Obama’s new health care bill seeks simply to reconcile the House Democrat plan with the Senate Democrat plan. It’s more bichambership than bipartisanship. Under the “new” plan, Americans would still be socked with lots of penalties and commandments.

One addition, though. Obama also wants to create a federal agency that can veto supposedly “unreasonable” increases in health insurance rates. So what happens when the only practical response to huge new costs under the vast panoply of new requirements is to raise rates . . . and government prohibits this?

Might insurance companies be forced out of business?

Might Washington be waiting in the wings, eager to finish the takeover and shove us all into a “public option”?

Obama is pretty relentless, trying to gulp up a huge sector of the economy despite growing and cogent opposition. Not, I think, a particularly admirable quality in this context.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Time for someone to tell this guy in the White House that he serves at the will of the people. He and his Chicago gang are not serving or paying any attention to the people who elected him. My only hope is that my country can survive the rest of his presidency and that we can send him back to the Chicago Gang when his term expires.

  2. Shelley says:

    The cruise lines can higher a full medical staff, take patients, I mean cruise customers out into international waters and cruise customers receive medical care that they pay for. The US Gov can’t touch them in international waters, they have no jurisdiction.

  3. Barbara Haring says:

    Shelley, what a great idea. Also, if I were Mexico, I would start gearing up to accept U.S. patients much the way the U.S. now does Canadians – and many others. What a boon this could be for Mexico. Oops!! I forgot one thing. When things are cheaper in Canada (pharmaceuticals) and Mexico (medical care), the draconian federal government will then close the borders (something they say they cannot do now) and forbid us passage to those countries. Why do I keep feeling I died and moved to the old USSR?

  4. voxoreason says:

    Obama “serves at the will of the people”? How can you tell? Who would tell him? Maybe Michelle? She looks at him sometimes like she smells meat gone bad… for weeks. Ewww… (Letting meat go bad is a mistake that ya only have to make once, like watching your step in a cow pasture.)

    Obama is playing by the rule book: Ask for WAY more than you reasonably expect to get, kick up a big fuss about it, then settle for less…BUT: settle for SOMETHING. As Merv Griffin used to sing, “Little Things Mean a Lot.” Like enemies, they tend to accumulate. Before ya know it… POW! Soc Sec is broke WAY ahead of schedule! (Don’t worry: they’ll take it out of your pension plan, but only if it’s over $200k, or maybe the “unions” will make Obama a loan.)

    Meanwhile, nobody’s paying attention (well, the big media isn’t paying attention, but they NEVER pay as much attention to dem lawbreakers as to repubs), so…

    Rep (and retired Admiral) Joe Sestak, facing Arlen Specter in the primary for Senator, has twice stated that he was offered a position in the White House if he’d drop out of the race. Rahm’s assistant chief of staff seems to be involved in this. Or it might be another one. There are several “offers” being noted here and there. Three would be my guess. (I don’t keep close track of things that Obama is GOING to get away with. Too much to keep track of!) Ya know, this kind’a stuff is illegal and carries a fine and perhaps a year in the pen.

    Search YouTube for:
    Sestak Stands By Claim White House Offered Him Job

    Or google it up yourself. Look into Joe Biden’s wife saying on TV (during Oprah’s pre-inauguration interview of the Second Couple) that Joe was also offered the Sec of State position. (So Hillary is “Hand-Me-Down Rose”? Ooh, the irony! She HAS to know this!) Fortunately, Joe was there to enjoy somebody else making the gaffe for a change, even if it was his wife. Maybe these guys practice at home? “You go first, Joe! Say something that will REALLY honk off the big guy!”

    Am I the only one that thinks Hillary will have her revenge? Just doesn’t seem like the “back away quietly” type to me. More like the “cornered wild animal” type if someone crosses her… which Obama has done big-time!

    There are a number of sources for this story besides the FoxNews clip posted on YouTube. (So, no, they can’t say, “FoxNews isn’t a real news channel.” Especially after being scooped by the National Enquirer on John Edwards! Ya just gotta love it!)

  5. David Lindsay says:

    Keep slinging the word out there Paul. Your doing a great job and your efforts are much appreciated!

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