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This March, armed Pennsylvania State Police bravely raided three popular bars in Philadelphia.

They confiscated liquors that allegedly had not been properly registered with the state Liquor Control Board. Brewers and importers must pay a $75 registration for each separate potable they sell in the state.

Some unnamed concerned citizen had complained. The three bars were affiliated, so maybe a resentful competitor had something to do with it.

According to the owners, many of the confiscated ales had been duly registered. But when the state police couldn’t instantly confirm this, they just grabbed cases and kegs and towed them away.

Even in the case of unlicensed ales, what is the virtue of raiding a bar to sloppily “check” their status and then steal supplies? Especially when it’s not the bar owners who are legally obligated to register the brands?

Some clerk could have just dropped by, inspected the booze, asked a few questions. Or just called the brewery and said, “Hey, you forgot to register such-and-such.”

Of course, the whole idea of requiring separate registrations of each separate beverage is silly to begin with.

Further, the state police could have, and should have, simply declined this wrongheaded mission.

Apparently we can’t count on better lawmaking and better, more sensible regulations. But we do count on our police.

This is Common Sense. (Let’s practice it.) I’m Paul Jacob.

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  4. The FBI has really dropped the ball concerning my reporting of corruption involving some of their own. AG Case#200706634

    So much for Internal Affairs!

    See my reports of Federal corruption @

  5. Drik says:

    I can hardly wait until the police are equally ardently enforcing Obama/PelosiCare and Cap and Don’t Trade

  6. Rubicon says:

    Seems that we now face a government, state & federal, that will enforce laws & especially laws that “do-gooder’ types demand be enforced. Not only that, the law enforcement people seem to be enforcing such laws while those seeking to control all of us & all we do, gleefully watch the suffering.
    This is what comes from government allowed to exercise power, either by law or by regulatory fiat of ever expanding authority such regulators assume.
    We live in dangerous times & we all must look out for those who want our lives to fit into ‘their’ brand of social justice.

  7. I’d be curious to know the amout of tax payer funded resources that were squandered to collect a $75.00 registration fee. This reminds me of a quote I heard somewhere: The goverment will spend a thousand dollars to collect a nickel in taxes.

  8. Jane says:

    I grew up in Philly so this doesn’t surprise me at all. The Philly police always did have a heavy hand and the city has been solidly democrat for decades. The first time I voted the ward leader was soooo kind as to escort me to the polling place and he actually went into the booth to “help” me. I was young and stupid so what did I know!!
    With the thug in the WH things like this will be common place, for sure.

  9. Tom Petika says:

    This would never have happened when Frank Rizzo was the Chief and later the Mayor.

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