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By hook and by crook — ignoring the constitution and twisting parliamentary rules — the president and his congressional allies are succeeding in imposing command-and-control health care on all Americans.

If the new law is allowed to stand, the scraps of freedom we still enjoy in matters of health care will dwindle as provisions of the bill kick in. And that’s only the prequel. Pelosi and other Democrats promise to introduce even more constrictive legislation once Obamacare Round One has been rammed through.

Friends of freedom aren’t giving up. There’s an election in 2010, for one thing. But many state governments aren’t waiting for that. The Idaho legislature just passed the Idaho Health Care Freedom Act, which states, in part, that “every person within the state of Idaho is and shall be free to choose or decline to choose any mode of securing health care services without penalty or threat of penalty.” Governor Otter is signing the Act because, in his view, health care laws should treat people as individuals “rather than as an amorphous mass whose only purpose in this world is to obey federal mandates.”

Idaho is the first state to pass such a measure, but similar legislation has been proposed in 22 others. Such declarations will most likely have only symbolic significance if Obamacare remains in effect and other legal challenges on the grounds of federalism get beaten down. But those are two big ifs. Americans aren’t ready to surrender to the health care commissars just yet.

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  1. Drik says:

    I am ashamed to say that my state of Georgia, Attorney Generalled by Thurbert Baker, is not looking out for the rights of Georgians and the rights of Georgia. And deomocratic governor Sonny Perdue is punting all the responsibility to Mr. Baker.

    I encourage all Georgians to call the offices of AG Thurbert Baker and Governor Perdue and let their thoughts be known and then ask others to do the same.

    Attorney General: 404-656-3300

    Governor Perdue: 404-656-1776

  2. Rand says:

    Here is why the so called popular surveys don’t mean a thing. The very same arguements were made when social security, medicare and medicaid came online. I dare any senator, representative, governor, mayor, anybody to suggest that we roll back those entitlements and make them disappear. We don’t hear the elected naysayers saying let’s be consistant and cut entitlements because whether you are Republican, Democratic, Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, it would be easier to slit their own throats, jump out a window and worst of all, resign than be voted out office instantly. And can you imagine our “leaders” paying back the trillions in social security moneys “borrowed” for other projects?

    When it comes to politics anywhere, it’s all about me and each of us is a “me.”

  3. lanczos says:

    Poster 2 – Did you notice that this bill punts SocSec / Medicare / Medicaid down the road for ANOTHER 10 years? All three programs are totally unsustainable – an economic fact with which NO ONE can or has disagreed. But now the Progressives have managed to foist off the issue yet again.

  4. Joel says:

    There was a section put in the Senate version, by Comrade Reid that themostrosity known as OBAMACARE cannot be repealed. Does anyone know if that survived or not?

    My view- the best hope is that the SCOTUS strikes this monstrosity down.

  5. Sir,
    I do not see why the Idaho Act will not stand as law. The idea of the federal government telling anyone they have to have health care is preposterous.
    The legislature has failed the nation. If the courts do so, then civil disobedience should be the reponse. Block enough bridges, block enough doorways — oh, say at the Senate — and do everything legally possible to prevent or impede money from going to the federal government and there will be change. This Administration is still weak, but, as usual those country club Republicans are still shaking their heads and wondering what happened, instead of going on the offensive.
    Mike Misczuk

  6. EUNICE says:


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