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If there’s anything worse than running a state into the ground, it’s turning that state around.

Such seems to be the attitude behind yet another “bailout” program being mulled over by our congressional overlords in Washington, DC.

Over at National Review Online, Daniel Foster calls the Democrats’ proposed $23 billion fund for preventing teacher layoffs a “putting off hard decisions” fund. Pitched in the direction of Foster’s own state, New Jersey, the giveaways would sabotage efforts by the new governor, Chris Christie, to close a looming budget deficit for fiscal year 2011 of more than $10 billion.

The Garden State’s budget for fiscal year 2010 was about $30 billion. Christie is trying to cut funding to school districts. He has pledged to restore the funds in districts where teachers agree to a one-year pay freeze and to contribute a small bit of their salary (1.5 percent) to help pay for their own health insurance. Currently, most pay nothing.

But if the federal government flings borrowed largesse that makes the state’s budget cuts irrelevant, teachers will have much less incentive to cooperate with even marginally more responsible policies.

Perhaps that’s the goal for Washington’s big spenders. After all, if folks could get their fiscal houses in order without handouts from the spendaholics in DC, there’d be no need for such handouts.

And then just how “important” would those politicians be?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Fletcher says:

    Looks like we’re screwed even if we DO elect conservatives. Our Friend Obama and the Dems will try to undermine ANYTHING a conservative would even consider….

  2. drik says:

    Now we have states at the mercy of the senators, instead of served by them and actng in their interests. The 17th amendment usurped most of the ability of states to look out for their own interests, and secondarily for the states to look out for the interests of their own citizens. Now with the expansion of the population to levels never dreamed of by the Founders, the people get little individual representation either.
    Unintended consequences.

    Short of repealing the 17th, and expanding the House of representives to a size where they can actually represent a real constituency, the federal government is unchecked for most of the time between elections.

    Sort of like Yamamoto reporting to the emporer regarding attacking the US,”In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.”
    We have a group of progessive politicians who have snuck in close and then launched an attack on the foundations of our country. Long term, they will have little expectaions of success, but in the interim, I expect they will do a LOT of damage.

  3. Gary Marcus says:

    Changing the culture in society is the key. Politics is transitory. There has got to be a change in the culture to one of whatever you can get away with to one of respecting peoples individual rights.

    The major difference btween the Ds and the Rs is which special interest groups will get the stolen property.

    Change the culture to one of defending individual liberty will change the political outcome, not visa versa.

    People need to improve their self-esteem and then the culture willl change for the better

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