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Here’s a federal budget cut: Air Force One and all other presidential travel services. The prez doesn’t need to travel. Keep the Executive Entourage in Washington, DC.

This struck home to me when I saw video of police in full riot gear, called up specifically to keep Tea Party people from gathering to greet the president at an event in Quincy, Illinois.

The cops marched around and repelled the Tea Party folk, moving them back, away from the president and his admirers.

President Obama’s Secret Service and crowd control experts are carrying on the tradition of George W. Bush. I haven’t heard Orwellian talk of “free speech zones,” but that doesn’t mean that free speech or the mere waving about of signs is encouraged by the president.

Presidential outings and speeches are tightly controlled. They are now mere political events, designed to shore up the president’s party.

So there’s no reason, in the age of mass media, for American taxpayers to continue to pay for them. The president can speak in front of the camera, on radio and the Internet, and he can speak on the White House steps. But spending one more cent on presidential roamings to rally partisan troops just isn’t very American. Not if all sides aren’t allowed to participate.

What was unacceptable under Bush remains unacceptable under Obama. But I doubt if we’ll hear many on the left protest this marginalization of dissent.

Wrong crowd, I guess.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  2. Drik says:

    Maybe we could look at mandating free speech neutrality zones. That would mean that we get 50% of the time to counter the anti-Constitutional, un-American content.

  3. John Ken says:

    I guess that Mr, Jacob doesn’t want the president seen in public with his supporters. Personally, I don’t want my president locked behind steel gates and never seen in public.

  4. Gary Marcus says:

    Paul, you hit the nail on the head. Obama and Bush have used basically the same script.

    Instead of defending freedom they are using their base of support as a way to muddle up the discussion of the cause and effect of the problems that they create.

    They are using the taxpayer’s money to subsidize their political agenda. They are using the “all thugs on deck strategy”.

    Divergency is a tactic of the establishment politicians. Their methods are similar to that of Count Dracula. For obvious reasons, they always try to avoid exposing their evil goals to the light of day.

    The input has to be changed in order to effect a different output. The Teaparty movement has done a great job of exposing the evil goals of these politicians.

    I hope the Teaparty and their kindred spirit movements grow.
    They are wise enough not to allow themselves to be coopted by any political party. I hope that they never succumb to the enticement of the establishment political parties.

    The establishmenmt types are scratching their heads in order to figure out ways to destroy the Teaparty’s effectiveness. These thugs will stop at nothing in order to destroy the principles which made this country the greatest and most successful experiment in individual liberty that ever existed.

    Keep up the fight, fellow freedom fighters. We will have the ultimate victory. Our choices are the following:

    Freedom versus slavery.

    Individuals being rewarded for achievements in the free market.

    Our laws which were based on English common law should be the only way to hold those people who harm others responsible for their actions. People who are judged to have harmed others need to make restitution.

  5. voxoreason says:

    Anyone who watches the video will realize that this totally unwarranted (and sloppy) use of riot police shows that Quincy, Illinois, obviously has too much money to waste on such nonsense.

    Note that as someone shooting videotape of this peaceful assembly (a genuine First Amendment right, unlike the faux “Wall of Separation, which was in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, but means the exact opposite of how it is misrepresented by anti-Christian groups; link to Jefferson’s letter below) walked in front of the Tea Party group, one Tea Partier shouted, “Hey, take pictures of the guy who was shoving us in the parking lot!”

    All those cops in riot gear… and they missed the actual crime that was committed? I’m shocked.

    These guys have WAY too much money to burn… while documenting the peaceful nature of the Tea Party crowd, which was peaceful and restrained as always. Had the riot cops attacked the Tea Partiers, this would ALSO have been documented (and ignored by the Lame Stream Media… as always; people are tuning to FoxNews to even SEE these Tea Partiers!) and would have been BIG news, ABC, CBS, and NBC or not. Drudge would have it.

    The real story behind the Wall of Separation nonsense can be found at:

    This is the first result in a search including Jefferson and “wall of separation” or copy/paste the following into a google search:

    Thomas Jefferson +”Wall of Separation”

    Personally, I think that this president belongs locked behind steel gates… in prison.

    Obama lives behind a wall of distractions. The Fort Hood shooting (which was a lightning quick story, devolving into a distraction from Obama in a week) is a great example of this. (Yes, the Army knew for a long while about the shooter’s mental problems. Our Sec of Defense Gates is a squish: “Our diversity is our strength?” Yeah, right: We need nuts in the Army going on killing sprees on military bases.)

    If you’ve come this far, perhaps you’ve read that AZ’s “new” law has been *Federal* law since 1952: the McCarran-Walter Immigration and Nationality Act (USC 1304e). Yes, you can google that up, too. I did.

    It says that ALL “immigrants” (illegal or not) MUST have ID on them at all times. For that matter, ALL Americans who want to drive or do banking transactions must ALSO provide ID. That’s why we “don’t leave home without it!”

    Do YOU wander around without ID when you’re out and about? What if the State Patrol pulls you or has a stop where they’re checking for driver’s licenses? What might well happen? (Sorry, but only one guess for such an easy question.)

  6. Joel Glasser says:

    There is an excellent book- unfortunately, I forgot the author’s name. He is (or was) a syndicated columnist and also a writer for THE VILLAGE VOICE, in New York.

    the title however, is ‘FREE SPEECH FOR ME, BUT NOT FOR THEE”.

    Where the left wants free speech for efties, and the righies (lik Bush) want free speech mostly for themselves.

  7. Ellen says:

    The president loves his new toy — Air Force One. He is everywhere but in the White House, but maybe that is a good thing — how much damage can he do while he is airborne. The preparations and the expenses for these trips — obstructing traffic — over-burdening local police — how may people accompany this guy on these trips — and how much is it costing me and my fellow citizens. He is still campaigning — let him use campaign funds for his escapades.

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