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Over the weekend, Utah Republicans defeated three-term incumbent U.S. Senator Robert Bennett at their state convention. Two more conservative candidates, both with support among Tea Party activists, now move on to a primary election to decide the eventual GOP nominee.

Senator Bennett’s defeat marks the first U.S. senator to be denied re-nomination in Utah in 70 years.

The strangest part of this, though, is the strange reaction of much of the media. The morning paper says Bennett was as conservative as any rational human being could possibly desire . . . citing Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine.

Kathleen Parker, the liberal Washington Post’s idea of a conservative, lectured before the vote that “Tea Partyers risk losing some of their strongest voices.” Tea Party supporters seem determined to decide for themselves which voices speak for them.

Parker also smeared Tea Party folks as an anti-intellectual rabble, characterizing Bennett’s long tenure in Washington to be “as disadvantageous as having an Ivy League degree. Those out-of-touch elites, you know.”

Touchy. Very out-of-touchy. Forgotten by the maven? Bennett’s old pledge to serve only two terms.

Bennett had been seeking his fourth term.

E.J. Dionne called the Utah result a “non-violent coup.” Yes, just exactly like a coup — except for that voting part.

For those counting coup right now, establishment folks are receiving a whacking. No wonder they bristle.

Expect more.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  4. Duane says:

    Bennett’s pledge to only serve two terms was made after he won his first. In his first campaign, he swore repeatedly in his ads that he would only ask for ONE term–he was going to show what could be done in one.
    I suppose he imagined that the voters would simply anoint him to a second term without him even campaigning for it. I could have respected him for that Quixotic delusion.
    Not, however, for his plea to the Utah delegates on Saturday: “Don’t take a chance on a newcomer–there’s too much at stake!” Please.

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  6. voxoreason says:

    While most reports are noting Bennett’s support of TARP, Stimulus, and ObamaCare (you know: socialism), RedState has been on this guy like stink on sh… er, white on rice and has many additions to this list. (Mike Lee is the guy to vote for.)

    Seems that Bennett campaigns as a conservative at home, but votes hard liberal in DC. Generic repubs and dems simply can’t be trusted.

    Why is it that liberals ALWAYS give republicans advice on campaigning? And worse: why do republicans seem sufficiently stupid to take said “advice”?

    (When the disastrous Michael Steele is finally removed from the RNC – and takes his posse with him – I suspect that he will be replaced by Murphy, the guy who had a Law named after him.)

    I remember the Dole “campaign” in ’96 when Clinton essentially ran uncontested. The lady writing the last page editorial for TIME had this advice for Dole: Campaign from your front porch and make reporters come to you. (Really. I know it sounds like a joke intended to insult one’s race or nationality, but…)

    Dole, while no hero of mine, DID have the intelligence to ignore this “advice.” Sadly, he lacked the charisma to capitalize on this, while Clinton, who has tons of charisma and the morals of a scorpion (credible accusation of rape? this goes beyond immoral to amoral), while making “progress” (okay, small pun intended) on Jimmuh Cottuh’s “Community Reinvestment Act” (giving mortgages to those who couldn’t afford them; sound familiar? you’re soaking in it!), and we come full-circle with Obama milking the subprime disaster and blaming it on republicans, while he tends to take credit for the stuff that Bush got right, eg, the surge in Iraq.

    are still searching for any instance where Obama ever made a factually true statement. Yeah, THAT’S gonna happen.

    “You KNEW I was a scorpion when you agreed to give me a ride.”

  7. voxoreason says:

    Yeah, I didn’t complete a deletion above… but I can live with that.

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  12. Gary Marcus says:

    Good riddance to Bennet.

    Usually i n the free market the cream rises to the top. Usually in the government the crap rises to the top.

    We need to limit government to the point where discussions about them become hard to find. These thugs need to be put in smaller playpens

  13. Ellen says:

    Am praying for voters to get wise to Obama and his cohorts and vote them all out — Congress in 2010 and Obama in 2012 — he he lasts that long. The recent performances of hs Attorney General and Homeland Security “chiefs” should be enough to show some of what is going on in Washington. Obama said the he should be judged by those who surround him. Will do!!!!

  14. Ellen says:

    Typo — “if he last that long.” Sorry

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