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Whether or not Governor Christie fully succeeds in slashing spending and taxes as they need to be slashed to revive the New Jersey economy, he’s pursuing his mission the right way: head-on, without a lot of obfuscatory politician-speak.

The latest evidence of forthrightness comes in response to a reporter’s question, the video of which has gone viral. The reporter is puzzled and perturbed by the governor’s terrible tone in dealing with the legislature. He wants to know whether Christie thinks that “this sort of confrontational tone can increase your odds in getting [a trimmer budget] through the legislature?”

Christie says he was sent to the governor’s mansion to combat bigger government, higher taxes, more spending, not to soft-peddle his views. He’s going to push for lower taxes, lower spending. “Now, I could say it really nicely. I could say it in the way that you all might be more comfortable with. Maybe we could go back to the last administration where I could say it in a way you wouldn’t even understand it. . . . When you ask me questions, I’m going to answer them directly, straightly, bluntly, and nobody in New Jersey is going to have to wonder where I am on an issue. . . .”

Meanwhile, aides standing in the background look like they’re about to pump their fists in the air, as perhaps taxpayers are doing right now all around New Jersey.

All I can say is: Keep up the good work, Governor.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  3. Donovan says:

    I saw this video and I wish more politicians spoke like him!

  4. John Boland says:

    “Keep up the good work, Governor.”???

    Keep up the INCREDIBLY OUTSTANDING WORK, Governor!!!!!!

    As Louis Armstrong sang, “What A Wonderful World” we would have if every elected official in said World had THAT attitude and honesty!

    If any one of them could not, or WOULD NOT emulate Governor Christie, throw the garbage out!

    That said, It’s a tough call regarding Governor Christie, but I still support term limits.

    John Boland
    Kennewick, WA

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  7. Jake Witmer says:

    I wonder if Gov. Christie is aware of the lawsuit that Edward Lawson is bringing against the Newark NJ police? If he’s truly the bold and courageous fighter he appears to be, he might want to take a look at the videos at and see for himself three things:
    1) How utterly evil and segregated and third world blacks are treated in the inner city in Newark
    2) Why the victimless crime laws are the death of justice in America.
    3) A devoted new demographic that is looking for someone to take bold action to root out injustice.

    Christie could make himself the most popular Governor in America, overnight (assuming Ventura’s legacy) if he began standing up for justice for the little people, and impoverished blacks in the inner city. Of course, to do this, he’d need to take on the police unions.

    All told, what Christie said was amazing.

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