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Las Vegas gambling entrepreneur Steve Wynn says that “common sense” has “disappeared in Washington, DC.” In a recent interview on CNBC, he complained about the federal government’s “wild, uncontrolled spending” and “unbelievable, unsustainable debt.”

Good point, of course, but nothing new. Still, Wynn’s rant went further.

Wynn is opening a new headquarters for his casino empire in Macau, China, and was asked if he expected to find “common sense in Macau.” He didn’t mince words, arguing that the “opportunities” were “far superior abroad than in America.”

But what about the regulation and government oversight in Macau, China, versus the U.S.?

“Macau has been steady,” he replied. “The shocking, unexpected government is the one in Washington. That’s where we get surprises everyday. That’s where taxes are changed every five minutes. That’s where you don’t know what to expect tomorrow. To compare political stability and predictability in China to Washington is like comparing Mount Everest to an ant hill.

“Macau and China is stable. Washington is not. Is there a businessman or a media person in America . . . that isn’t frightened about what the next crazy idea is coming from Washington? . . . Everything is cuckoo and God knows what’s next.”

Wynn closed by saying, “The uncertainty of the business climate in America is frightening, frightening to everybody. . . . there’s a sense of fear that the politicians are ruining us . . .  It’s got to stop.”


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  2. lanczos says:

    CHAOS – It’s all Part Of The Plan that Pres. Hopey McChange is using to “fundamentally change” America. So long capital, so long industry, so long jobs. But don’t worry – we’ll all turn green waiting for the “green energy” fantasyland coming our way via Plunder-and-Squander.

    And re: CHAOS – Filing CRIMINAL and civil charges against BP for an accident is a clear sign that Business and especially the Energy Business are Target Number One of Obammunism. Without sufficient energy the economy will further crater (as planned.)

    Grow a garden. Buy a gun and lots of ammo.

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  5. Jay says:

    RE: lanczos- your second comment– has anyone thought that perhaps the oil rig explosion WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT, BUT DELIBERATE SABOTAGE?

    Consider some of the “peaceful” green people, against offshore drilling ( and everything else) SUCH AS ” GREENPEACE” which a few years ago blew up a ship in (I beleive) Australia (if not, it was New Zealnad). And the other ( granted-in Oregon and washington State- as far as I know) who put metal spikes in trees- to stop lumber cutting.

    The activists are (in some cases, if not most or all) people with too much money, too much time, and not enough problems, or else on the government dole. But, i also agree- the government here is totally out of control with rules, regulations,e tc–they change by the day.

  6. Drik says:

    Lanczos-It’s just possible that you’re a hater.

    It’s also possible that a 12 guage shell will replace the dollar as a medium of exchange.

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