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Senator Robert Byrd has passed from this world, ending a 58-year perch in power, the longest stint in the entire history of Congress.

Politics isn’t a sport, though sometimes it’s blood-sport . . . thus there’s no jersey to retire.

So what do you offer to the memory of a man who in life already appropriated nearly everything possible? What’s the proper homage to the King of Pork?

Retire the earmark, once and for all.

Congress had a good run with earmarked pork barrel spending, and Byrd was that run’s poster boy. He had bridges named after him, highways and freeways and a stadium or two. Airports. Special rooms in the legislative wing. All paid for by taxpayers, most often funded by Congress through sneaking said projects into legislation without requiring a separate, conscious and above-board vote.

You might think it nicer, if not wiser, to commemorate the man for his habit of keeping a pocket Constitution on his person at all times. Or for his knowledge of history. Or arcane Senate rules. Certainly, it wouldn’t be polite to mention his “youthful” organizing of his state’s KKK.

But West Virginia’s senior senator was so closely associated with self-aggrandizing earmarked spending that no other honor comes close — we should push for a true monument to outshine all others. And that’s why I suggest cutting out the earmark.

Make the porkers squeal.

And let the tumult stand as a salute to Sen. Byrd.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Roger D Sefert says:

    I always considered Byrd the perfect example for term limits.What happens when politicians are in for life.

  2. Rick Rund says:

    EXCELLENT article. This IS exactly how mr. byrd should be remembered…..

  3. Jack Green says:

    How disgusting 58 years and getting 6615.00 dollare every two weeks and spending the last two years sick and getting paid for it.
    As a Veteran of the Undeclarred Korean War Police Action and having served under such QUAKOLOGISTS As Senator Byrd I hope that the rule of law right to own property amd a womderful comstitution that we can right some of the wrongs and make this country really work again JFG

  4. Drik says:

    Ding, dong, the fitch is dead.

  5. ed42 says:

    I read your message too fast. This is what my brain saw: “the longest stink in the entire history of Congress” 😎

  6. Andrew Terhune says:

    Byrd is the poster boy for term limits as was Strom Thrumond.

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