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Like the medical insurance coverage you have now? Don’t worry, you can keep it under the new “health care” regime . . . Or so President Obama and his Democratic allies promised during the recent debates over reform of medical insurance and delivery institutions.

Now we’re now learning, per “internal White House documents,” that the insurance plans we were told would enjoy grandfathered protection under the new law won’t be immune at all. Looks like more than half of current company plans must be chucked by 2013.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Apparently, the goal has always been destruction of private insurance. But why? Well, so government can swoop in to “rescue” us after private firms collapse under the weight of all the new taxes and regulations.

The State of Massachusetts offers a preview of what awaits us. Insurance regulators there were recently warned by a department in charge of “monitoring solvency” that a new round of price caps on insurance rates would jeopardize private insurers’ solvency. Officials imposed the caps anyway. Now those private firms face losses that, if the price controls persist, can lead only to bankruptcy.

Despite all this, there is a way to keep your current health insurance coverage. All folks in Congress have to do is repeal their recent “reforms.” All you have to do is make sure they do.

To ensure that you have better options in the future? Well, very different reforms will be required. And repeals of different laws.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. bruce stark says:

    I’m crying buttermilk for these poor health insurance companies who have raped the American public for years. Paul Jacobs must have a lot of stock in the insurance industry.

  2. Drik says:

    When the progressives get through, the insurance companies will look like saviors. The estimated end point of yearly income for all working Americans will be less than $15K a year for a 40+ hour work week and the rest of the income will go to support the 20+% of folks that don’t work. The equity of America will go into the pockets of the progressive insiders that set up the CO2 trading. The rest of will be transfered overseas.

    Want to see our future? Check out the average housing of the average European, with a less than 1000sf apartment, no AC, no car, no big screen color TV. And the heathcare gets cut off once you get old.

    Why does that seem so undesireable?

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