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Sharron Angle, who is running for U.S. Senate against Harry Reid, the majority leader seeking a fifth term, had a very good reason for entering politics. The powers that be wouldn’t leave her be.

In his column “Candidate Nobody Is Not to Be Underestimated,” George Will reports that the roots of the grandmother’s current campaign lie three decades in the past. Her son was being forced to repeat kindergarten, so she decided to teach him herself. But although homeschooling was legal in Nevada, you couldn’t do it unless you lived at least 50 miles from a public school.

Angle and other parents trooped to the state legislature to demand change. One job-holder there, annoyed by this torrent of interest by mere citizens in legislative doings, said if he’d “known there would be 500 people here instead of 50 and it would take five hours instead of 30 minutes, I would have thrown it [the legislation] in my drawer, and it would never have seen the light of day.” Angle has been “politically incandescent” ever since.

I like this story for many reasons, in part because my wife and I have home-schooled our kids. One thing you have to teach the young is not to expect politicians to look out for your genuine best interests.

Another is that vigilance is the price of liberty.

A third is that if you want something done right, often you have to do it yourself.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Gramma says:

    We met Sharron Angle after she spoke at the Tea Party press conference April 15 in D.C., during which time this organization expressed support for her.
    She is very personable and certainly does not have an overrated opinion of herself–just trying to do the right thing for her state and for America and her people.
    Hopefully and prayerfully, she will win.

  2. Linda says:


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