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America, we’re catching up with the British.

For years we’ve trailed when it comes to stifling the medical industry with regulation, rationing and red tape. But thanks to recent legislation this side of the Atlantic, we can expect major gains. When it comes to liberticide, we’re catching up.

Locally, too, thrilling progress in freedom-killing is being made. I’ve reported before about how the British government hounds citizens who fail to lid their garbage properly or who — shame — put out “too much” trash. Now, Cleveland trash monitors are following suit.

Starting in 2011, city residents can expect to be more than hounded for failing to recycle. Is your garbage bin more than 10 percent full of stuff the trash police say you must recycle? Then expect a $100 fine. A spychip embedded in the trash bin will supposedly figure the proportions accurately and send reports on delinquents back to Big Brother.

Cleveland gets $26 for every ton of recyclables it collects. Even ignoring sorting costs, its “loss” from a household that fails to recycle must be much less than a dollar per pickup. So why not, at worst, charge those households an extra $4 a month?

Apparently, the goal is not to nudge people into better behavior. It’s to punish and humiliate those who neglect the rituals of the jihadist wing of the environmentalist religion. Government-mandated recycling isn’t about sensibly conserving our resources; it’s an excuse for obsessively overbearing government.

And it stinks.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Mary E says:

    In our city we have been recyling for about ten years. It is not required but makes sense since the recycle bin we receive from the garbage company is more than twice the size of the garbage can. We like recycling and work together in our neighborhood and share our big can if someone has too much recycling stuff and ours is not full on garbage day. Of course we also live in a neighborhood of people who talk to each other. BTW,
    I live in Silicon Valley, CA.

  2. Drik says:

    Sad thing is that, execpt for aluminum cans, recycling costs more dollars and wastes more energy than sending everything else to a landfill. Aluminum is the only recycling process that actually pays for itsef in terms of genreating income and actually saving energy. Everything else, it’s less environmentally damaging to just start new and trash the rest.
    The big government types won’t tell you that.

  3. wayne Graham says:

    ‘Common’ sense is no longer common, what the heck is wrong in America today, seeking wealth is against the bible, luke 12:2-34, and it offends poor people to be rich and successful today. Funny though, I don’t see many liberals giving twice their tax bill to the IRS, or supporting the Wounded Warrior Family Fund. And our fearless ‘leader’ even mentioned that now since the military is all volunteer, maybe they should pay for their own life and health insurance, as members of the private working sector must do. I sure hope he’s visited ‘all 57’ of our states by now, he even said this BEFORE he was elected, we will all suffer badly for this mistake over the next 10 years, Donald Trump would fire this guy this week. The Donald admits to voting for our Kenya President-they don’t make birth certificates in Africa, women are still sold for cattle….you can buy a beautiful 19 year old African girl anywhere in Tanzania for about $1000 US-about 20 cows, you don’t marry them you own them. The Donald has more brains and negotiating skills in his little toe than all of Harvard, and Punahou(private high school in Oahu, Hawaii), my first room mate at Purdue Univ, graduated proudly from Punahou, he was even in his class picture and had a diploma, and a birth certificate, If he hadn’t been a failure by graduating from Purdue Univ, and had gone to Harvard instead, perhaps he would have been President, hail the Chief…….. I had better grades than him….hmmmm, I wonder……can we clone Reagan, I don’t see a hero on either side of the aisle. We’re selling our soles to China. In GOD I do trust. I don’t think we need to apologize to any country on earth, but we certainly owe the native American Indians a huge apology, lets help Africa with wells in every town for clean drinking water, and the cure for malaria, how did we luck out so well and put men on the moon, with computers weaker and slower than the I-phone???
    If you’re so smart tell me the units in E=MCsquared, it seems impossible now that we were ever at war with the Germans, but they almost had the nuke before we did, and we would all be speaking German today, you’re welcome France…..WBG

  4. wayne Graham says:

    By The way Paul, I had the solution,math and design all worked out for the Gulf oil spill in less than an hour, we had harder problems every week at dumb old Purdue, by the Wabash, spoilermakers!!!!!!…..WBG

  5. wayne Graham says:

    It’s me again, I hate to brag, but Henry ford nor Thomas Edison, went to Purdue univ either, but they both did quite well anyway. Yes I do have the answer for our fuel problem, cars, and foreign energy concerns, let me meet with Al Gore, and the board of directors of FORD, and Pete Sampras, because he’s my alter ego, and I’ll change the world. Thomas and Henry did it. wayne”s at bat at the bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded, can he do it??????…..It’s, it’s out of the park the Cleveland Indians win the pennant………..WBG
    OK so it’s now 3:35 A.M. in Texas..I talk the talk, I walk the walk

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