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Scott Rasmussen’s polling company, Rasmussen Reports, asks questions the establishment polling outfits don’t. For one, he breaks down his poll respondents into the “Political Class” and “Mainstream Americans.”

Last month, by Rasmussen’s criteria, 67 percent of people in the “Political Class” said the country is headed in the right direction, while 84 percent of “Mainstream Americans” said the exact opposite.

On Friday, Rasmussen Reports released polling showing that 71 percent of Americans support requiring a national vote to approve any changes Congress might make in Social Security. When it comes to raising taxes, 61 percent of us want a tax hike approved by Congress to go to a national vote to be approved or rejected by the people, with 33 percent in opposition.

On the issue of a national vote there is again a stark difference of opinion between the Political Class, which opposes a public vote on changes to Social Security (60 percent) or on raising taxes (73 percent), and Mainstream Americans, who support a vote on entitlement changes (78 percent) and tax increases (72 percent).

Rasmussen Reports has also been tracking something even more fundamental: Does our government have the consent of the governed?

The answer in July was that less than a quarter of us feel the government has that consent. This is actually up from February, but I don’t think that changes the big picture: Public opinion is undergoing a revolution. Rasmussen Reports is trying to track it.

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  1. Mark says:

    I guess the opinion polls are misleading, because the people DO vote on tax increases, etc, when they go to the polls in November. So as long as voters keep voting the scum back in, your congressmen can rightfully assume they have the consent of the governed.

  2. anchorbaby says:

    The USA is a Republic. We elect representatives. They vote on legislation. (right or wrong, good or bad)
    2/3 of each house must approve a Constitutional Amendment.
    If they don’t represent our views we vote them out of office.
    Considering the percentage of registered voters that turn out for elections, it should be scary to have these issues sent to the public for a vote.

  3. Drik says:

    There is no possiblility of consent if there is no possibility of withholding consent.

  4. Jay says:

    Mark & anchorbaby are (in my view0 LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD, with the comments (Mark- ‘the people do vote— when they go to the polls—-“,and anchorbaby- “If they don’t represent our views—-” BUT THE HOSUE OF REPRESENTITIVES HAS FOR DECADES BEEN UNREPRESENTITIVE, AND THE SENATE VIRTUALLY THE SAME, TO A GREAT EXTENT.

    long at some members: kenendy soem 50 years in the Senate- did he ever have serious cometition that he couldn’t crush 9 with hsi wealth, or otherwise); barney frank some 28-30 years in the House, NOW (maybe) facing a primary challenge; McCain -what has he ahd 18 or 24 or so years in the Senate? And will crush his opponent. Rangel of NY- 38 or 40 years in the House.

    Once elected, it is rare that many rlsoe their seats; and the gerrymandering gives each party a number of ‘safe seats”.

    Some years back, there were years when THE SOVIET POLITBORO (hope I got the name right) HAD A LARGER TURNOVER THEN THE US HOSUE OF REPRESENTITIVES.

    The “Political Class” (and their media friends) do everything possible to keep their power.

    My views.

    I think Dirk is correct.

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