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The State of the Union Address has become political, said Justice Alito last week, so he will follow the lead of Justices Scalia and Thomas and not sit in Congress while the Commander in Chief intones his annual duty.

Last January, Alito objected to President Obama’s little stab at the Supreme Court when the prez decried the Citizens United decision. Obama said that the Court had “reversed a century of law” and would “open the floodgates of special interests . . . to spend without limit in our elections.” Alito mouthed the words “NOT TRUE.”

And Alito was right. The decision certainly did not overturn a century of law. Not even a teensy bit . . . Well, maybe a teensy-weensy bit, if we count Progressive’s wishes to run everything by bureaucracy and “experts.” (It’s worth remembering that Progressives had a populist wing, supporting initiative and referendum a century ago.) The Citizens United case was about the unfortunately successful censorship of a movie. About a Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

So you can see why politicians — especially, these days, some Democrats — might oppose free speech around election time. The better to control the opposition.

No wonder Alito won’t “be there in January.” He doesn’t want to serve as a “potted plant.”

Congress, of course, takes occasion to seem “potted” in another sense. Amidst congressional applause and shouts, there’s scant room for reason.

Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, merely sent his report to Congress. Obama should, too — and save Alito RSVP duty.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  2. Drik says:

    As a formerly informed citizen, it was a marked change in my behavior to elect to no longer watch Presbo’s speeches, since I can no longer believe or take at face value most, if anything, of what he says.
    Moot anyway, since what he does doesn’t match what he says.

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  4. Dagney says:

    Hopefully, this next State of the Union fiasco will be a sustained report of repeal, repeal, and gridlock!

  5. Pat says:

    I stopped watching SOTU several years ago. I found it much simpler to read the speech the next day on the net. It took just a few minutes and saved me from watching Congress get its exercise jumping up and down. With the number of speeches this president gives, there’s not much more he can say anyway.

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