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Monday night on E! network’s late-night chat show, Chelsea Lately, British comedian Eddie Izzard got laughs with partisan hyperbole:

  1. Izzard identified the Tea Party as “extreme right wing”;
  2. He said, oh-so-amusingly, that Sarah Palin and Tea Party folks want to take things back to “1773 when slavery was legal”;
  3. He thanked America for helping Britain out when “we had a problem, in the Second World War, with extreme right-wingers in Europe”;
  4. He identified the Democrats with the people who’ve pushed progress and “caring about other people” since the beginning of civilization.

He went on. But you get the idea, you see how partisans treat their opponents — in this example, somebody vaguely on the left attacking Tea Party folks as right-wingers of Hitlerian proportions.

Now, Izzard is a funny guy, and not just because of his funny name. But politics is allegedly serious, and you’d think he would know that Hitler was not a right-winger. Hitler was a “national socialist” whose policies don’t resemble Tea Party policies at all. He knows that the number of American activists who look back before 1776 and think fondly of slavery is pretty close to zero.

He may not know, however, that “caring” as such, without follow-through and principles and a rule of law — and balanced budgets, just to avoid mass insolvency — does the opposite of good.

Except in short-run politics. And on Chelsea Lately.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Drik says:

    Whatever suits the spin of the moment.
    The leftward leaning folks know that their listeners seldom recall their own history.

  2. Jay says:

    A few (maybe more then a few) years ago, in Cal., a group of (then elderly) commuists held a meeting , and were interviewed.

    they DEFENDED LENIN AND STALIN as misunderstood; denied their responsibility for mass murders, etc.

    Minimal press coverage- and this was BEFORE ‘W”. probably around the Reagan or Clinton eras.

    BUT THE MSM virtually ignored it.


    Ten years later, would still on the news.

  3. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Many people associate Communism/Socialism with the left of the political spectrum, and Fascism/Nazism with the right. This is, unfortunately, nonsense.

    Communism/Socialism is based upon government ownership and government control of business and industry. Fascism/Nazism is based upon private ownership with government control of business and industry. Both of these ideologies are quite similar, and are products of the leftist mentality. Both require totalitarian government, and result in tyranny. As an example, the Nazi Party translates as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, not the Capitalist Conservative Business Party.

    Our nation, as founded by the Constitution – the Supreme Rule of Law of the United States – was constructed by men who had experienced tyranny, and despised it. In 1789 it was something completely new under the sun. It was based on private ownership of business and industry, with minimal necessary government control. Those on the right support the original intent, they believe in liberty, individual freedom, and personal responsibility.

    Consider where our nation is today, with tight government control over nearly every aspect of our lives, with government ownership creeping into our industry, with government intent to control health care. You can believe me when I say that it is not those who protest these actions who are the Nazis among us.

  4. Dumocrats are that SEVERELY DUMB I am older now but I have grandchildred it makes me want to puke on the White House Lawn now because I no longer have any faith, hope, or trust in the government as long as this current regime is in charge

  5. JIM says:

    When Hitler attacked USSR, Stalin announced that Nazi Germany was not a socialist or left state, but had suddenly become right wing. Leftists can’t seem to outgrow their Stalinist background. Hitler makes capitalism just as bad as Stalin makes socialism. Imagine their predicament if they were honest. They would have to face the fact that ALL of the most extremely evil mass murderers were on their side. Stands to reason. To a capitalist, people are potential customers, suppliers, workers, competitors, etc., all of whom, whatever their politics, are more valuable alive than dead. To socialists, people of all categories are either with them and therefore exploitable, or against them and therefore deserving of death.
    Let’s follow their logic. Hitler, as a right winger, obviously did all that he did with a small government and low taxes. The slave owners in USA, along with the KKK, segregationists, white citizens councils, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Orval Faubus, Bull Connor, Theodore Bilbo, and dozens of others were not really democrats but mislabeled republicans. Abraham Lincoln was really a democrat. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks were not really republicans but were democrats in disguise.
    Returning to sanity, I deeply resent the trivialization of Hitler, the Nazis, and the Holocaust that goes into such cheap attempts at humor.

  6. Pat says:

    I knew there was a reason I had no desire to watch E!
    The left’s power to project is limitless. They accuse others of what they do themselves. They can’t win an argument on the merits and so they call others names.
    They best thing you can do is change the channel.

  7. Jake Witmer says:

    I appreciate your analysis, Paul. Also, in this area of study, I strongly recommend the book “The Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Peikoff. I’m sure you’ve read it, but perhaps not all of your fans have. Great stuff, and it accurately shows exactly how the unlimited state was Hitler’s primary goal. Also, Thomas E. Woods’ new book “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century” quotes Hitler opposing State’s rights (I don’t really support State’s rights as an endgoal, but the point here is that any decentralization at all was bad, in Hitler’s view).

    Of course, State’s rights are a means toward an end: protecting individual human lives from the tyranny of the group. The same groups are in control in a dictatorship as are in control in a democracy: but in a democracy, they are slightly restricted in the evil they can get away with.

    Keep on writing the good stuff Paul. Sooner or later, I think our side will prevail.

  8. Jake Witmer says:

    Eddie Izzard: a cheap imitation of Lenny Bruce and Louis CK.

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