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The wrong man was fired.

The campaign of U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller seems to have been at least twice targeted as November 2 approached. In one case, questionable doings came to light after a reporter with CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA forgot to turn off his phone after leaving a message with a campaign spokesman. Newsroom reporters then chatted about how to sabotage Miller’s campaign — for example, by finding that “one person” among campaign supporters who is a child molester. The station claims that a recording of the incident gives a “misleading” impression.

Then we have the campaign of Senator Lisa Murkowski, Miller’s opponent, acting to kick conservative talk-show host Don Fagan off the air.

After the Alaska Division of Elections aided Murkowski’s write-in campaign by deciding to distribute lists of write-in candidates at polling places, a listener said he had now become a registered write-in candidate himself. Fagan then suggested — on-air, as part of his regular talk programming — that other listeners might want to do the same. Uh oh. The station fired him after the incumbent’s campaign threatened to sue the station for so-called “electioneering.”

Compare the two cases. It’s fine for any media outlet to push its political opinions — but not to fabricate smears. It’s fine for candidates to make any complaint they wish to media outlets — but not to coercively curdle speech they happen to abhor.

I say, the wrong man got axed.

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  1. Dagney says:

    Exactly right. I sure hope Joe Miller is “lawyer-ed up” because the Dems are on Murkowski’s side and will conveniently find more bags of write-in votes in someone’s trunk when it gets to be time for the recount.

  2. Lyle R Rolfe says:

    This whole writein thing for her stinks from the start. She should not have been allowed to be a write in candidate after the voters tossed her out in the primary. And I’ll bet ballots will be counted in her favor regardless how her name is spelled and where the box and X or check is placed. I hope Joe has enough people available to check every ballot and object to anything with the smallest flaw so it can be tossed. The Dems just never give up, do they? Judge Napoliatano on Fox News last night showed a tape (not done by Fox), of a federal employee on a federally funded project in Alaska, telling people to vote for her so they can keep working on these taxpayer funded projects. He even gave them cards showing the proper way to mark their ballots for her. No doubt they are union workers. The corruption never seems to end.

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