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Mainstream media often become so fixed on the major players in Washington, DC, that journalists miss the most telling democratic action: At state and local levels, regarding initiatives.

Nicely, there are exceptions. An editorial, last week, in The Washington Times was subtitled “Ballot initiatives advance a limited government agenda in the heartland,” and explained how “voters showed their displeasure with the country’s direction with their votes” . . . on particular ballot measures.

The editorial lists numerous important initiatives around the country:

  • Oklahoma’s and Arizona’s nullification of Obamacare provisions (and Colorado’s failure to do so);
  • Nevada citizens killing “a sneaky amendment designed to undermine protections from eminent-domain seizures for private gain”;
  • Several states blocking our president’s union-vote rule revisions, known as card-check;
  • Louisiana “stopped public officials from voting themselves a salary boost until after they stand for re-election”;
  • Washington citizens overturned sales taxes on foodstuffs that left-leaning folk regard as sinful, such as soda pop and candy and the like.

Washington State sported an even weightier initiative, one famously sponsored by Bill Gates’s dad. TV ads featured Bill Sr. getting dunked. It wasn’t a baptism. He was pitching for a “soak the rich” income tax in the state. The ad didn’t make a great deal of sense, and Evergreen State voters nixed the income tax once again.

The Times editorial ends advising Democrats that they need “to listen to what the public has to say.” But, obviously, Republicans need to listen, too.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Dagney says:

    I’d be much happier if the people of California had done a lot more listening. I don’t want to leave my beautiful home state. However, they keep on the course they are going, Texas is lookin’ mighty good!

  2. Drik says:

    Washington Times gets it.
    New York Times, not so much.

  3. Jay says:


    You have to realzie that to THE NEW YORK TIMES, LIKE THE GREAT ONE, and many members (most?; and the same is true of governors and state legislatures and probably even lOWer on the food chain)- THE PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THEY NEED BIG BROTHER TO SHOW THEM

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