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David Brooks, writing in the New York Times on Independence Day, cajoles Republicans to accept the deal that allegedly now faces them: Raise a few taxes (just a few!) in exchange for the Democrats going along with “a debt reduction measure of $3 trillion or even $4 trillion.” After all, he writes,

If the Republican Party were a normal party, it would take advantage of this amazing moment. It is being offered the deal of the century: trillions of dollars in spending cuts in exchange for a few hundred million dollars of revenue increases.

And then Brooks goes off on how unreasonable the Republicans have become, how abnormal.

Well, we can only hope.

There’s good reason for recalcitrance in the Republican party. Our beloved congressfolk do not have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem. They keep increasing spending, year by year, no matter what the revenue actually is.

Increasing revenue — which is still not certain even if marginal tax rates get upped or “loopholes” get closed — does not solve the base problem, which is spendaholic politicians.

Besides, the “trillions” in cuts are in the future, while the taxes would be immediate. We’ve been burned on such deals before, like Lucy and Charlie Brown’s football.

There was a reason the New York Times chose Brooks for its “conservative.” He can always be counted to chatter “kick the ball.”

Don’t fall for it, Charlie Brown.

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By: Redactor


  1. Drik says:

    This guy writes for the New York Times?

    No wonder I never heard of him.

  2. Wayne says:

    A majority of the Republicans in the House & Senate today voted FOR the outrages spending (under GWB) that they are trying to cut today. The duplicity in that voting is indeed appalling as is the looming disaster of the debt crisis/ceiling. I have never voted for a Democrat for federal office but these GOP office holders are going to be shown the door for lack of action. Are these damn offices so laden with benefits that honest people would rather jeopardize this countries future for the possibility of reelection? Paul, go back to talking about TERM LIMITS instead of just being another blind political ideologue lackey! Where the hell are the STATESMEN?

  3. EDGAR says:

    Let the rich get richer and let the poor get poorer. go REBs

  4. Paul Jacob says:

    Let’s let everyone get richer!

  5. S Rubicon says:

    What former congressional sessions did is no longer at issue. Lets stop trying to say its all so & so’s fault. I tire of the blame game. They are ALL responsible from previous actions, current actions, and probably what will be future actions.
    Spending cuts scheduled for the future, don’t get the job done. They must start immediately. As for new taxes….. No. No. No. No.
    If any tax increases or tax loopholes are closed, then dedicate any & all ‘revenues’ collected (that means additional taxes by the way), to deficit/debt reduction ONLY! No new spending. Stop it!
    Fact is, the federal bureaucracy needs to reduce in size. I’d say by about 45% to 70%!
    It is time we stopped playing games. Future cuts are not an answer. they are political gamesmanship. No thanks. that is simply, not good enough.
    And, that means Republicans AND Democrats. I blame both & no, you do not get the government you voted for. I assure you, “I” never voted for the crap these people have been putting out & I suspect most other Americans did not vote for this either!

  6. Drik says:

    The political gamesmanship has become one of setting up a base of operations and then hoisting up ones frinds and relatives to the easy life of no consequences for ones activities or decisions, while keeping anyone else from climbing up the ladder with you.

  7. MoreFreedom says:

    Brooks column is full of falsehoods. He writes “Republican leaders have also proved to be effective negotiators. They have been tough and inflexible and forced the Democrats to come to them. The Democrats have agreed to tie budget cuts to the debt ceiling bill. They have agreed not to raise tax rates.”

    The Republicans recently agreed to a spending cuts that turned out to be much less than advertised (and nearly nothing). That’s “effective negotiators”???

    What proposals have Democrats put out there regarding a budget? I’ve seen none.

    He writes “If the Republican Party were a normal party …”
    Seems to me Democrats who were unable to write a budget are the abnormal ones.

    He writes “The party is not being asked to raise marginal tax rates in a way that might pervert incentives. On the contrary, Republicans are merely being asked to close loopholes and eliminate tax expenditures that are themselves distortionary.”

    Any loophole closure will raise taxes – will the Democrats accept a reduction in tax rates to offset the loophole closures – no. Also notice Brooks use of “tax expenditures.” I would expect this term to refer to spending. But Democrats (and Brooks) don’t mean reduce spending here.

    He writes “the members of this movement talk blandly of default” and I ask who exactly? No one that I’ve heard.

    He writes “A thousand impartial experts may tell them that a default on the debt would have calamitous effects, far worse than raising tax revenues a bit.”
    If we run into the debt ceiling, that in no way guarantees that we will default on the debt. Instead, government will cut other spending first before it fails to pay its creditors – debt payments amount to only 10% of spending.

  8. gramma4life says:

    Bipartisan usually equals “wimp.”
    The R’s need a good lesson in how to keep a straight backbone and how to have intestinal fortitude in standing up to the hypocritical, sleazy liberals. The nerve of Nancy Pelosi to say that the R’s have not come up with a balanced budget deal in 145 days!
    I think her brain was given the plastic treatment, along with her face.

  9. Mircea says:

    Now I know who the barniy one is, I’ll keep looking for your posts.

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