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With all our divisive politics, who would’ve thought it would take a spate of recalls in Wisconsin to bring folks together in democratic unity.

Whether we root for the blue team, the red one or seek a third color — green or something — we can all celebrate that an election was held Tuesday.

It was a special recall election of state legislators — made all the more special because it was called by citizens.

Miffed at Democrats for leaving the state to block a quorum in the senate or incensed at Republicans for passing legislation removing collective bargaining for most unionized state workers, Wisconsin voters didn’t just have to sit there and take it. Empowered by their state’s recall law, they gathered hundreds of thousands of voter signatures.

Six incumbent Republicans were on Tuesday’s ballot. Four held their seats and two were defeated by Democrats, who fell just one seat short of grabbing the majority. Two incumbent Democrats still face recalls next Tuesday.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee told supporters:

Last night, we stood in a crowded square outside the state Capitol in Madison. Teachers, fire fighters, police officers, moms, and dads chanted, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Republicans and Tea Party leaders declared victory in maintaining the majority. Gov. Scott Walker, perhaps the subject of a recall next year, told the MacIver Institute, “I’ve had great confidence in the voters.”

It’s a Kumbaya moment! At least, as close as we’re likely to get.

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  1. P E says:

    The race in our 32nd district was not about the Dem’s leaving WI. It was about the Union thugs recalling our Senator who voted the way he campaigned to vote. The recall should not have been legal in this case.

    It was pure thuggery, dishonest and wrong.

  2. Drik says:

    This recall election “called by citizens” is an effort of folks from outside Wisconsin trying to control the citizens of Wisconsin. One of the main groups leading the recall effort, “We are Wisconsin”, had more than $1 million in PAC donations transferred to it from national union sources and many of its key operatives coming from out of state. Two of its communication directors, Patrick Devney and Viet Shelton, spearhead Democratic Party campaigns all over the US. Neither are Wisconsin residents, unless you call a vacation there a residences.
    “We are Wisconsin” appears to be a shill for the national Democratic party meddling in local politics for its own ends.

    Hardly what is intended in the spirit of democracy or of our republic where citizens govern themselves.

  3. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Let me attempt to understand this. The Democrat legislators fled the state, and hid out in order to bring state government to a halt. Yet the Republican legislators who stood by their oaths are the ones who faced recall. Something is rotten here.

  4. JohnnyK says:

    As a long time union member (50 years), I resent being referred to as a thug. What has happened in Wisconsin is a war declared by the Gonvernor against working people. It’s only right that workers from other states join with our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin to battle in this struggle against workers rights.

  5. Drik says:

    It’s only right that the government employees be able to hold the taxpayers of the state hsotage to whatever they demand? Isn’t that why we have so many government pensions that are unfunded or bankrupt?

  6. Paul Jacob says:

    MoreFreedom, thanks for posting the link.

    The bottom line is that in a free country we are free to help others regardless of where we live or they live. We can help with our labor or our dollars and we are, likewise, free to ask for help and accept it. The whole “outsiders” issue is 99% of the time an excuse to block folks inside the state from getting the resources they need to speak out from supporters outside the state. Only the people of Wisconsin could sign a recall petition or vote in the election. So, there is nothing being determined by outsiders. This sort of argument should have ended in Mississippi in the 60s.

    Most important of all is that the people got to decide. They decided and I say, “Hooray!” Three cheers for recall as a process.

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