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Tonight, President Barack Obama will ride down Pennsylvania Avenue with his sinking approval ratings, to stand beside our most unpopular Congress ever, so he can give a speech about jobs (before the football game starts). Our prez is a good speaker, but I doubt this speech will do any more to soothe our economic stress than have past speeches.

Speeches don’t create wealth or jobs.

But image can entice votes, and with the election year rapidly approaching, he needs to look like he has a plan.

Or at least a clue.

So, the White House back room boys have been busy re-packaging. News reports say the president will suggest spending $300 to $400 billion to stimulate the economy. But he won’t use the word “stimulus.” For some reason, that word rings hollow.

Rest-assured, his non-stimulus stimulus will be “revenue neutral.” In other words, the spending will happen now while the offsetting spending cuts (or tax increases) will happen . . . later.

Not every provision of whatever plan Obama orates will be a terrible idea, but the thrust of it — the notion that with proper central planning and fiddling by our wizard-in-chief the federal government can create prosperity — will be tragically mistaken.

We need a president who understands that Americans could pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get moving economically . . . if only Washington politicians would stop stage managing the whole show.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Question of the day: After the President gives his spending – excuse me – jobs speech for the hundred ans eighty-sixth time; how low will the stock market sink?

  2. JohnnyK says:

    So, Paul, who do you recommend to replace the prez?

  3. Paul Jacob says:

    I’m a Ron Paul fan. Gary Johnson — who has been excluded from the debates for some stupid reason — is also very, very good.

  4. Jay says:

    What has not been mentioned, there are SOME HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SITTING OVERSEAS, IN U.S. CORPORATE BANK ACCOUNTS.

    The US corporations –IF THEY BRING THE MONEY BACK, have to pay a 35% tax-

    Hence, keep the money overseas.

    (At one point, the Bush Administration, with smaller numbers-) approved a (I beleve) 6 month window to bring money back, and billions came back.

    the moneyw ent to buy back securities; pay down bank loans; buidl facilities, etc.

    Microsoft is suppsoed to ahve some 4$0-50 Billion; Citrix (I think that is the spelling-a Cal. high tech firm)(if it was not Citruix, it was another high tech firm) some $100 billion; etc.

    I guess, some executives might get bonuses- and that would be wrong.

    So the money stays away.

    Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  5. Drik says:

    “Colonel Mustard in the library”

    Print that out. Cut it out. Mail it to DC.

    That;s the only way that Presbo will have a clue.

    He is a one trick pony who only know how to pull tax dollars out of the economy and then redistribute it. They use a made up multiplier to justify that this is increasing jobs and getting the economy going. It’s a zero sum game. Cut of the end of the board and tack the piece on the other end and pretend that it is doing something and that nothing is lost in the cutting. The made up multiplier that the government uses is somewhere between 1.5 and 3. They pretend that every dollar spent by the government improves things. The real numbers were revealed by the green jobs program in Spain, where they were able to acknowlege that every job the government saved or created cost 2 1/2 private sector jobs. A multiplier of zero-point-four.

    The government is not a job creator. That is unconstitutional. Their job as specified by the Constitutio is to create a safe place for business to prosper. A place where contracts are honored. Where private property is respected. Where criminals are taken out of action. Where laws are created by the governed and applied consistantly (especially the DOsocialJ). And where taxes to not “eat out the sustanance of our people”.

    When that is done, the people of America will create jobs like nobody’s business. Short of that, we are p*ssing in the wind.

  6. Art says:

    Interestingly, Obama does NOT have $450 billion to put towards anything, much less another worthless stimulus plan. But then, he also does not have the $1.8 billion he has promised to Planned Parenthood to cover what New Hampshire and Rhode Island have refused to fund to Planned Parenthood to kill more babies, babies that we will need to continue funding Social Security. It would be nice if the President had enough simple math skills to be able to balance a checkbook. Guess Michelle does that, as long as it is not her money.

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  8. […] wait until after the next election: then we’ll see the real, freshly-elected Obama and not the current artificial […]

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