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Venture capitalist Eric X. Li, in an op-ed for the New York Times, “Why China’s Political Model Is Superior,” credits the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre with producing the “stability” that “ushered in a generation of growth and prosperity.”

As for America, Li explains that our problem is an “expanded” political franchise, “resulting in a greater number of people participating in more and more decisions.”

“Elected representatives have no minds of their own and respond only to the whims of public opinion as they seek re-election,” Li informs, and “special interests manipulate the people into voting for ever-lower taxes and higher government spending, sometimes even supporting self-destructive wars.”

Mr. Li points to California and predicts an American “future” of “endless referendums, paralysis and insolvency.”

But wait a second . . . Americans have no initiative or referendum powers at the national level. The people didn’t vote for this level of taxes, spending, war or massive debt – our elite political leaders did that. Too much control by the people? Hardly. Too little.

Note that the national government most affected by initiatives and referendums is Switzerland, which also has the world’s highest per capita income.

But, as Li tells us, “China is on a different path. Its leaders are prepared to allow greater popular participation in political decisions if and when it is conducive to economic development and favorable to the country’s national interests . . .” After all, “political rights . . . should be seen as privileges to be negotiated based on the needs and conditions of the nation.”

Those negotiations have left Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo in a Chinese prison.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. What an arrogant dickhead is this spawn of the perilously-pernicious Peking-based predatory pack of self-anointed self-appointed and self-perpetuating heirs of Human History’s most prolific ever mass murderer and child-rapist and murderous creator of the barely sixty-years-old fascist state that so grandiosely calls itself “china.”

    Let his much-vaunted “china” first create itself a government that has the consent of those it governs, that oversees an economy less than 40% of whose claimed “earnings” comes from counterfeiting and intellectual-property and other theft, that has a “banking system” more than 50% of whose “loans” are ever serviced, that frees its billion or so impoverished slaves and permits them to seek to live differently than did their ancestors – three thousand years ago — and that serves the pockets and the interests of a slightly larger number than the evil men who head two-hundred of so families that “run” it (snigger) and that it now serves.

    And that make his much-vaunted “china” more appropriately comparable with America’s Mafioso than with our beloved fraternal republic!

    Brian Richard Allen
    Lost Angels – Califobamacated 90028
    And The Very Far Abroad

  2. Drik says:

    I was thinking it compared to the lib-progs, but Mafioso works too.

  3. John F. Brennan says:

    Mr. Li wrote:
    “The fundamental difference between Washington’s view and Beijing’s is whether political rights are considered God-given and therefore absolute or whether they should be seen as privileges to be negotiated based on the needs and conditions of the nation.”

    That, I found, to be the most telling portion of his essay. It truly does define a difference in philosophy, so diverse as to cause me to believe the two views are irreconcilable.
    Assuming that “political” rights include life, liberty, personal freedoms, the right of private ownership and self-determination, then there is an unlimited ability of the Chinese government to grant or deny everything, even life, to any member of the Chinese population. To the Chinese government, the population, according to, and including Mr. Li, are nothing more than productive animals.
    Yes the US requires reform and redirection, and I pray it will be toward the restoration of freedom and personal responsibility.
    I most sincerely hope US citizens will never cede their souls to the government in the manner Mr. Li, has, apparently and happily, his own.

  4. Skip says:

    @Brian Richard Allen I had to read your comment three times to make any sense out of it. My conclusion: You have a very simplistic view of both the Chinese and US present state. Do you suggest the great USSA is not a Fascist state; and that and that our government rules with the consent of its people? If you are then you are from outer space.

    I am a businessman; a building contractor. I have visited China, I will again. I have spent time in the local communities, I will again. We can debate until the cows come home whether a job working for Foxcon (iPhone maker)and being exposed to less than ideal working conditions is better than having no job at all.

    From my own anecdotal experience, freedom, free enterprise and free markets are increasing on a very distinct upward trajectory in China. For the last 20 years, while the American Empire has been searching world wide for Muslims to kill and engender hatred from, China has been going about the business of building an economy which, though not perfect, will soon dwarf ours. For your edification, here is a recent article about China’s development of the historical “Silk Road” trading routes with High Speed Rail. Something they have the money to do, while not spending trillions destroying third world nations for the sake of empire.

    Gam Bais

  5. Skip:

    …. I had to read your comment three times to begin to understand it ….

    Poor fellow. My wife – Poh Imm – and I (here in Asia, where, while traveling among 150, in almost 20 countries I’ve lived most of my adult life” pray and trust that you’re taking something for it? And that it’s not so great a burden it handicaps you too severely. What a blessing you are in My America, though, where the world’s very best care and attention is available at least months and as often as not years before a counterfeited copy of the same treatment shows up in the organ harvesters’ clinic attached to the the Mao Tse Tung Memorial Slaughter House adjacent to the Lhasa, Occupied Tibet, hoosegow.

    Too bad though that your retardation hasn’t prevented your having drunk the Peking Predators’ KoolAid and with it the crap spewed about how awful is My America and how terrible are We, The Sovereign American People. While, meanwhile, the self-appointed heirs of the monstrous mass-murdering serial child raping Mao, busy building “hi-speed railways,” (Here’s one: )to – dangerously – take no-one to no-where, are truly the world’s most inspirational people since the last five minutes-long mandarin-wannabe “dynasty” crawled corruptly up its own arse — and died.

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