Townhall: ’Tis a Pity He’s a Boor


Go to this weekend to read “’Tis a Pity He’s a Boor” — and come back here for the links and references:

And did you miss last week’s Townhall column? It’s right here on Common Sense, now.

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  1. Mar
    Charlie Seng

    Paul, your remarks about Rush Limbaugh vs. Ms. Fluke are fair as far as they go but left out of the criticism of the MSM of Mr. Limbaugh was the information that Ms. Fluke told about herself and her compatriots and their necessity for contraceptives. She admitted clearly that she and her friends were having so much sex (we assume with dupes who don’t care) that this was the reason she was complaining that they needed to have their contraceptives paid for by you and me. That’s just not fair. Limbaugh was right to criticize her (albeit a little roughly) but she deserved the criticism. And, don’t forget, Limbaugh has freedom of speech. Fluke was way out of line, but the MSM dutifully defended her all the way.

    Charlie Seng

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