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Some things I just “don’t get.”

How can either pro-lifers or Obamacare opponents trust Mitt Romney? Sure, he says he’s pro-life and he pledges to repeal the Democrats’ health care reform package. But for years he said he was for abortion rights; he switched in what’s been called a “flip-flop-flip” while governor of Massachusetts. Further, he signed into law the state’s health care program that served as Obamacare’s blueprint.

Not exactly a resumé upon which to build trust.

It’s tough to change the status quo. Perhaps that very fact drives many to such improbable avatars as Mitt.

But it’s even tougher to change the weather, and that’s also in the news.

Pat Robertson says that if we’d pray more, we’d be hit with fewer tornadoes.

I understand that prayer can have healing powers; I recognize that the theory of Divine influence on natural phenomena has a long, august history. But I learned, long ago, that rain (along with other natural occurrences) falls upon both the just and the unjust.

I read that somewhere.

But then, proponents of anthropogenic global warming think driving cars, burning coal and raising cows causes harsher storm weather, too — and that if we’d all just ride bicycles to work, we’d have Robertson’s promised “fewer tornadoes” — so perhaps implausible-to-me meteorological causation has a fairly universal appeal.

When left and right converge on the weather, it’s time to return to subjects I know more about. (Stay tuned. I’ll be here.)

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. GeneP says:

    As always, a great column, Paul. I just wanted to insert a reference to a column from Townhall today that, for me, settles the anthropogenic global warming issue once and for all: Peter Ferrara:’Fakegate’ Follows ‘Climategate’…

  2. Most scientists will agree that CO2 levels and warmer temperatures are linked; but most if not all serious investigaters will admit that correlation does not prove causation. It is my understanding that CO2 is released from the oceans as the temperature of the water rises. The question is what causes the water temp. to go up. I submit the sun, and hot spots in the earths mantle, as well as the vulcanic actiyity below the surface. I believe that Man’s contribution to the CO2 levels is comparatively small to that of the ocean’s.

  3. Howard Bernbaum PE says:

    At the moment I’m neither for or against Romney. However, to denigrate a person for changing his mind is the limit of stupidity. The earth is no longer flat and the sun no longer revolves around the earth. Give me a break.

    Now, if you want to wail about something, gripe about the fact that, with the exception of Ron Paul, the other three cannot bounce their current claims against their past actions. The three are claiming that which they whink will get them the most votes. Now that is hypocrisy.
    This is common sense

  4. Skip says:

    @howard bernbaum,

    I am all about any politician having a Hosanna moment and deciding they spent too foolishly, destroyed too much freedom, sent too many soldiers to die in some far off place etc., etc. Unfortunately that never happens. Politicians (most notably Ron Paul being a throng of one exception) always err on the side of covering their asses and justifying their misdeeds. The term for that is sociopath. Our current Liar in Chief is a perfect example of such behavior.

  5. Skip says:

    ps. I don’t Mitt Romney would play the game any differently.

  6. Paul Jacob says:

    Howard — On the issues I’ve changed my mind on I could speak to why I changed my mind. On the health care issue, Romney hasn’t owned up to his true past position, which casts some doubt on the veracity of his changed mind.

    I’m not a Mitt-hater. Just have trouble feeling comfortable his positions are very solid.

  7. James Kovalcin says:

    Can you not see your own blind spot in this statement?
    “I understand that prayer can have healing powers; I recognize that the theory of Divine influence on natural phenomena has a long, august history. But I learned, long ago, that rain (along with other natural occurrences) falls upon both the just and the unjust.”
    Why is one type of prayer clearly absurd while another true? Just because you say so?

  8. Brian Wright says:

    There’s no point in spending time despising Mitt Romney, any more than despising Peter Keating (a me-too character in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead). Same goes for Santorum and Gingrich, though the sleaze factor is high for both candidates–and I think both are a trifle more worrisome that Mitt in terms of going full tilt boogie on the police state and military empire.

    As Ron Paul points out in an interview on the eve of Super Tuesday, the other candidates, in including Obama, are basically identical in terms of philosophy. Practically speaking they are all playing power games and none is even remotely conversant on the Freedom Philosophy.

    The rest of the Common Sense column today is/are merely interesting trifles–Mitt’s flipflopflips, prayer to effect the weather, the latest fads in supporting or denying global warming–when compared to the reality that (with few exceptions) political figures are clueless poseurs and ‘father forgive them for they know not what they know not.’

  9. Drik says:

    Reminiscent of the Hildebeast halfway through her failing campaign wailing tearfully on camera, “Tell me what you want me to say.”

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