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During the months of primaries and caucuses, the popularity of Ron Paul was a fear expressed amongst both neoconservative and “mainstream” Republican insiders in hushed tones, rarely ever surfacing, but instead roiling under politics’ prudential lid. Now that Mitt Romney has sealed the nomination with enough delegates from the primary states, GOP insiders are trying to solidify their position.

Instead of magnanimously bringing Ron Paul’s supporters into the party to court them for the next four years, they seem to be doing their darnedest to keep them out. Take Romney’s gubernatorial state, Massachusetts.No Revolution

The GOP machine, there, has required that the Ron Paul nominees to the Tampa convention sign an affidavit to support Mitt. This is something new. Just for Ron Paul delegates. And of course some

libertarian-leaning delegates balked at the notion of signing legal affidavits pledging what they had committed verbally at the caucuses where they were elected. Many later submitted them, but not until after the deadline.

As a result, the committee disqualified them, winnowing the number of Liberty delegates and alternates to the convention from 35 to 19. . . .

Not surprisingly, the duly elected delegates “feel cheated.”

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Republican Party would not say why the affidavits were required of delegates this year, and the chairman of the Allocations Committee would not agree to an interview. Instead, the chairman offered an e-mailed statement saying that the Romney campaign, through its representative on his committee, had the right to reject delegates for “just cause.”

When I prophesy negative consequences of a Mitt Romney presidency, this sort of thing lingers in my mind. What is the GOP afraid of? Actual limits on government?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Jack says:

    I am afraid that the idea of a free republic has been lost. While Mitt is so much better than Barry Sotero he is only the lesser of two evils and not a real change of direction. That delegates have to affirm allegiance is anathema to the whole idea of liberty.

  2. Drik says:

    Romney has already stated his intent to ignore the Constitution in when and where he wages war. He has no interest in following the unconstitutional War Powers Act or the Constitution that it surplants. He is all set to do a Republican version of the imperial presidency. Expect lip service only to the gelded Congress.
    Same program.
    Different label.

  3. Jim says:

    There is a reason they are called REPUBLIKOOKS.

  4. Paulina West says:

    Paul Jacob’s thoughts and analysis on this are interesting and I would not have known about it otherwise. I think he is correct about the negative consequences which are bound to come out of the lying and negative campaigning on the part of the Romney PACs etc. And it is good to remember that Romney always did outspend the other candidates by factors of 5, 12 and sometimes 20, scrambling for support even after running for president for the last 7 years.

    However, I think perhaps Paul Jacob is not able to question Ron Paul’s actions because of affection. Ron Paul worked hard as a seeming sincere challenger to Republicans, but then dropped out of the race conveniently enough for Romney. And now some of his delegates are actually filing too late and missing deadlines. I do not think Ron Paul is the real article that Paul Jacob seems to think he is. An alternative scenario is that he spoiled the race for conservatives and dropped out for Romney’s sake.

  5. Paulina West says:

    It intriguing to look at the pattern of abuse towards conservatives that the Romney campaign has displayed. And libertarians are finding that he is no friend of theirs either.

    The fact is, while Obamacare and Cap n Trade carbon legislation were being passed or considered, Romney was nowhere to be found. He had vanished from the scene, while others worked hard to oppose them. In reality, Bain Capital donates mostly to Democrats and so coincidentally Bain was supporting Democrats materially while these monstrous legislations were being looked at. Now he has reappeared as a Pres. candidate running on the success of failed, expensive Romneycare – when in fact not a single Republican voted for Obamacare.

    Romney has always attacked conservatives. If he gets into office, this serial pattern of abuse towards the conservatives will likely continue, only behind the scenes. If he chooses to keep components of Obamacare, or to try to introduce an idiotic destructive carbon tax, then according to his pattern of behavior, he will viciously attack the conservatives who we elected and who stand in his way. So may I strongly suggest to you that Romney is not the lesser of two evils. Our best hope is to support and stand behind the Congressmen and women who have opposed the Obama/Romneycare/global warming scams, which they can and will fight effectively even without the presidency.

  6. Jay says:

    I agree thta signing oaths,etc. is dumb., I also think Ron Paul si a fraud, as is his son. Ron paul–30 years in Congress (hey, how come you don’t ask why he runs unoppsoed? yet you do about others); ( and his son, 5 months into HIS FIRST TERM, files to run again in 2016).

    Romnney is no angel, but, (I have said this beofre) a friend who is astauch conservative and a life long Mass. resident said Romney was the gretaest governor Mass. ever had-in hsi lifetime ( he is in his mid 60’s) and THE ROMNEY CARE THAT IS IN EFFECT NWO IS NOT WHAT ROMNEY PUT THROUGH. It was bastardized by the elgislature AFTER he left the governorship.

  7. Paulina West says:

    The Romneycare that was put through is exactly what he wanted in that it contained a MANDATE for individuals to buy insurance. You will want to know that Romneycare is running billions over projected costs, waiting times are up and EM rooms are still jammed, and yet he has said it is a “good plan” for his state, and would make a good plan for the country.

    You have offered nothing but a he-said anecdote about his governorship. The fact is, you apparently do not know what his positions are or what he would do when elected, because he has made statements in every direction.

    Right now all indications are that he is keeping components of Obamacare, and that he is in fact a global warming advocate and always has been. Ask England and Australia how they like carbon taxes and carbon reductions, worthless windturbines and billions in subsidies for renewables, and the industries these policies are demolishing.

    He has advocated worldwide emissions reductions agreements during this bid for the nomination, his book supports a carbon tax, and he has been involved in emissions reductions standards for cars 30% stricter than federal standards.

    Controlling your carbon dioxide emissions through MANDATES and taxes is what he stands for and you haven’t even made an effort to find out this information in his book or even on Wikipedia. So instead of spreading silly anecdotes, why don’t you find out what his policies are supposed to be and stick with the facts.

  8. Kenneth H. Fleischer says:

    Mr. Romney simply reflects the nature of the Republican Party as it has been for more than a lifetime; it is the party of the double-cross. Republican candidates typically campaign on reducing government, then expand it while in office. The Democrats are, at least, honestly doing what they advocate, sincerely believing in the genius and intrinsic goodness of everything the government does.

    In this case, Ron Paul is an anomaly, an honest man who really does believe in the Constitution and shrinking our overweening government.

  9. Paulina West says:

    And yet, there are good Congressmen who have not voted for either Carbon legislation or for Obamacare. These are hated and unwanted and unpopular with Americans, so despite the pathetic nature of the RNC right now, Congress is working for us in these cases and they deserve our respect and support for that. Many who have signed the Repeal Pledge have been winning against incumbent Republicans.

    We have a small commited group in Congress who will fight Obamacare and Carbon legislation. There is no need to be threatened into voting for a Mandate politician (Romney) who will only work against them.

  10. MoreFreedom says:

    Apparently to the RINOs running the RNC (and Romney’s supporters) “just cause” means more than voters votes. Well, just cause they don’t want Paul’s ideas heard.

    The RNC won’t be getting any donations from me, and neither Romney nor Obama will get my vote which is going to Gary Johnson. I won’t vote for less freedom, even if the other guy is worse.

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