The Solon of Smear


If political dishonesty were an Olympic sport, Missouri State Rep. Scott Largent would qualify for the medal round.

In a campaign mailer sent to voters in Missouri’s 31st state senate district just ahead of the August 7th GOP primary, Largent’s campaign attacks opponent Ed Emery for “Standing With Barack Obama and Missouri Democrats.”

How specifically did constitutional conservative Republican Ed Emery “stand” with the opposition?

Emery voted for a non-binding resolution condemning Obamacare, sure, but on one amendment to that resolution he sided against fellow Republicans. As an analysis on the Missouri First website puts it: “Emery voted against” that particular amendment because it “urged Congress to replace Obamacare with another federal scheme.”

Apparently no more fond of “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” legislation when proposed by Republicans rather than Democrats, Emery refused to blindly endorse a new, undefined nationalized “solution.”

A badge of honor.

But Scott Largent, the Solon of Smear, sent voters a copy of a letter on White House stationary purportedly from President Barack Obama to Ed Emery:

I wanted to personally thank you for your “no” vote yesterday on the amendment to HCR 18 regarding Obamacare. . . . The fact that you stood against every one of your Republican colleagues to support Democrats really impressed me. I truly hope you will be as willing to stand against your party in your future elected positions.

Only thing is, the letter is a fake.

There is no Olympic medal for political dishonesty. Let’s hope Show-Me State voters show Largent the agony of defeat.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Aug

    Reactions such as yours are the penalty for such actions. Every media output in the jurisdiction should act in the same appropriate manner and the matter should be resolved there. Following the election a prosecution of the parties for forgery of a White House letter might be in order, I am sure it is a federal crime as nearly every other human activity is.

  2. Aug

    At some point a line is crossed between aggressive campaigning and slander.

  3. Aug

    Like many RINOs, they care more about obtaining power than actually serving constituents. Fortunately they might be learning something from voters, seeing how incumbent RINOs are getting their pink slips in the Republican primaries.

    Thanks for exposing Largent for the liar he is. And we don’t need more liars in Congress. We need honest people.

    Republican voters are learning too. They were burned by Bush (and other RINOs as well) who espoused “fiscal conservatism” and a “humble foreign policy” but then vote for spending and military meddling (which causes blowback among lost soldiers lives, and huge military spending).

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