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“Who knows how this got out,” one scientist mused, trying to account for how a synthetic marijuana substitute leaked out of his lab and onto . . . the black market.

I’ll echo that “who knows?” and raise it a “par for the course.”

The War on Drugs backfires all the time.

Take all the lying drug warriors have done (and continue to do) about illegal substances. Their job is to discourage drug use, so they engage in hype. However, once a drug user figures out that the government regularly lies to them about the dangers, they distrust everything the government says.

Our drug use educators also rarely admit that a key factor in all drug use is hormesis, the principle whereby the effectiveness (and lethality) of a drug varies by dosage. No doubt the “zero tolerance”/”just say ‘no’ rap” is easier to communicate, and sports a superficies of sense. But the downside of making drugs illegal (and thereby putting them in the black market) has a consequence: drug purity becomes almost impossible to maintain, rendering drug users unable to manage their doses — and, by long-term adaptation, making them more and more reckless, less and less responsible.

Not a good result.

Also bad is today’s trendy (and reportedly dangerous) marijuana substitute known as “Spice.” And yes, this — along with a cabinet filled with new synthetic substances — was invented by government-funded chemists.

To aid the War on Drugs.

No one knows who leaked the recipe onto the Net, allowing enterprising folks overseas to synthesize it and transport it here. It’s another case of outsourcing caused by an allegedly “well-meaning” government program.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Drik says:

    You could lump that it with the biological warfare agents that managed to escape from the governement lab on Plum Island off the coast from Lyme, Ct, that caused the death of millions of duck and the collapse of the duck market on the eastern seaboard, as well as the likely seminal source of the Lyme virus and the Eastern equine encephalitis virus, both of which likely escaped from there and have run rampant since due to government ineptness.
    Well detailed in the unfortunately true book, Lab 257.

    Government help keeps being worse than what we are being rescued from. The true benficiary is the government.

  2. There’s only ever been one Primary Drug Crime:


  3. MoreFreedom says:

    Just say NO to government prohibitions on acts where no one or their property is harmed.

    Just say NO to government involvement where force isn’t needed.

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