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What have the rich got that we haven’t got? Besides money?

Well, many assaults on their money.

Less cash-encumbered mortals also get our pockets picked by those with political pull. But persons of certain envious bent are particularly eager to assail the wealthiest among us. (You know who you are, envious people and wealthy people.)

Peter Schiff took a camera to the Democratic Convention and asked attendees what they felt about the idea of curtailing or outlawing corporate profits. Interviewee upon interviewee exclaimed in grateful agreement, “Oh yes! Great idea. Love to see that!” Outlawing profit, killing enterprise, destroying economic life, turning the earth into a barren landscape, sure, let’s do it!!!


Then there’s the Chicago Teachers Union’s strike bulletin, which was issued on September 8 but has apparently been memory-holed from the web page where the Illinois Policy Institute found it. Among the chants for union members hoping to pad their on-average $76,000 per annum salaries with a 30 percent hike were such beauties as “The war on unions is a joke. Tax the rich that made us broke. How to fix the deficit? Tax, tax, tax the rich!”

Blame the rich? While some rich people and businesses rigged and gamed the system to take huge government subsidies, thus helping “make us broke,” everyone with their hand in the cookie jar contributed. The problem is the cookie jar itself.

And I note that the teachers’ chant isn’t “Stop, stop, stop subsidizing some corporations and appeasing the ridiculous demands of teachers unions!”

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. JFB says:

    The lack of even the most rudimentary understanding of the economic system is appalling. Until that is corrected the demagogues and false profits will prevail.

  2. Jamesbbkk says:

    Like the ticks demanding that the dog be better fed.

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  4. Drik says:

    We want stuff for ourselves.

    Ladders up for everyone else.

    Have to agree with at least the lib-prog tenent about the contemptuousness worthy of greed. But I would have to qualify it a disgusting when it is greed for stuff unearned, as opposed to the broad brush that they paint for people who just persist in working hours and hours longer than everyone else and happen to have considerable talent.

    Infinite ticks. Finite dog.

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