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Over at Townhall, a defense of term limits. Read the column (in which I reference a conference I attended yesterday, see image at right), and come back here. If you don’t find the links, below, satisfying, search the archives of This Is Common Sense (this very site) and you’ll find quite a lot about term limits.

  • U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton is the Supreme Court case that badly decided federal limits, and limited the term-limits movement, by denying to the states the power to regulate the terms of their own representatives.
  • The ballot initiative is explained, also, at Ballotpedia.
  • Term limits remain overwhelmingly popular, as shown by a recent poll of Illinois voters.
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  1. […] It is unethical for those holding a position of public trust to refuse to represent the people on the issue of term limits and to instead use their position to serve their own selfish interests. On that, we should all […]

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