Townhall: Over the Cliff?


Sometimes it seems that politicians have set up for us a Looming Financial Doom.

Why would they do that? And how do we avoid it?

Expanding on the subject of Friday’s Common Sense, I try to tackle both questions in this weekend’s Townhall column, “Over the Cliff.”

The column takes a few long quotations from The Washington Post article, and one short quotation from the actual study. Also linked in the column is a Common Sense from some time back, about public employees gaming the public employee pension system. It’s worth noting that the chief problem with the system is that it is badly rigged. But the gaming doesn’t help.

I use the phrase “cordon off” — it is interesting to remember that “cordon” basically means “rope off,” but that “cordon” doesn’t mean “rope.”

For a previous discussion of the metaphor of the “fiscal cliff,” see “Cliff Notes.”

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