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If your candidate or issue didn’t win on Tuesday, then, sure, Western civilization is completely finished, kaput. No doubt.

But still, let’s look at the bright side.

At least the presidential election provided a $2.5 billion stimulus to the economy, without raising anyone’s taxes (yet) or borrowing a nickel from China. And what a fabulous circus to, well, take our minds off the nasty state of our economy and our politics.

Or maybe not so much.

But consider: For all the corruption in our country’s politics, aren’t you glad you don’t live and work in Russia, where near-superman President Vladamir Putin is the Big Kahuna? Putin just sacked his defense minister. The cause for the minister’s dismissal? Corruption! So, everyone is wondering: what was the real cause for the firing?

Now, that’s a culture of corruption.

Forget politics. Just be thankful you’re not Alex Ocasio hunkered down in his New York City apartment waiting for a nor’easter to clobber his community as the too-soon second whammy following Hurricane Sandy. During Sandy, Ocasio and his neighbors stopped a group of looters after they broke down the door. “They tried to say they were rescue workers,” he told the Washington Post, “then took off.”

Now he won’t leave for higher ground, putting a sign on his door: “Have Gun. Will shoot U.”

In a crisis, I think I’d rather have Mr. Ocasio for a neighbor than FEMA for a savior.

So, what’s the political sunny side to Election 2012? Is there any?

Sure. Executive term limits.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Drik says:

    Mr. Ocasio has had a real world lesson in the folly of putting faith in central government power and control. When the chips are down, that darkness overhead is the bottom of a bus.

  2. …. what’s the political sunny side to Election 2012? Is there any …?

    Sure there is, Mr Jacob: Zero’s criminal gang gets to see what it’s like to assume the offices of an “administration” that has REALLY stuffed things up:.

  3. wsk says:

    Really? Other than losing the House as well, I don’t see how it could be worse. Amerika as we know it will be a distant memory. I really think it is beyond saving and given theElection results, Amerika may no longer be worth saving……

  4. Russell Mlitello says:

    Can we be sure 4 years more is all the younger folks will have to put up with? Remember, they had to pass a law to prevent another FDR who wanted to be king forever.

    This narcissist may try to have that law repealed because he loves being the next thing to a Chavez.

    On top of that ,now that the Caucasians are outnumbered we may never again have a conservative control in the White House. Our only hope is the majority we still have in the lower house. Once that is gone beware the revolution. That is a worst case scenario that never comes about but who knows. I probably am so old that I will not see the next election except in the next world but I have a great deal of concern for my children and their children.

  5. JATR4 says:

    The REPUBLIKOOKS lost. Get over it!!!

  6. Robert says:

    Executive term limits don’t mean squat when nothing really changes from one administration to another. Obama hasn’t overturned a single Bush-era policy; he’s just continued and expanded on them.

    Getting to choose between two slave masters every four years does not make you free.

  7. MingoV says:

    I’m betting that a ‘grass-roots’ organization will form next year for the purpose of repealing Amendment 22 of the US Constitution. Then we can have Obama for decades.

    I know that things could be worse in the U.S.A., but they’re bad enough that I plan to emigrate as soon as possible.

  8. JATR4 says:


    Don’t let the door hit you in the ***!!!

  9. Jay says:

    Hy, JATR4
    Mingo V, Drik (as wel as myself and most of th other people who post here are producers and taxpayers. I have the impression that you are noe of the freloaders, living off of our taxers, ie doing your dope and/or booze.

    Too lazy, and obnoxious t hold a job

  10. JATR4 says:

    Retired military doofus. What have you done for your country, IDIOT?

  11. Russell Mlitello says:

    Jay may be right. You sound like the type who retired on a military pension at 45 and lives off the people who work all their lives to 65 and beyond to earn a S.S. payment they paid for probably for 45-50 years.

  12. JATR4 says:


    You sound like one of those who was never in the military, who supported two wars started by Bush and the REPUBLIKOOKS, someone who benefits from the sacrifices of the military, someone who wants someone else to fight their wars for them–but would NEVER serve. That would be my opinion of you. You are a REPUBLIKOOK, aren’t you?

    What have you sacrificed for this country?

  13. MoreFreedom says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that group of looters really were rescue workers for the government, earning extra income on the side.

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