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The Big Turkey

On Wednesday, President Obama issued a pardon. To a turkey.

Every president since Harry Truman has been given a live bird for Thanksgiving by the National Turkey Federation. No, it apparently doesn’t violate any sort of gift ban, nor should it — sure seems harmless enough to me on that score.

Over the years, several presidents declined to feast on the birds they were given. Then, in more recent times, presidents have made a big media production out of officially pardoning the turkeys (who then reportedly live out their days on George Washington’s estate at Mount Vernon).

So, what’s the problem?

For a photo-op, Mr. Obama — just like Mr. Bush and Mr. Clinton before him — saves the gift bird’s life, only to have another unpublicized turkey killed and then devoured behind closed doors.

Neither a vegan or a vegetarian, I certainly don’t begrudge him for eating the meat. I did likewise. What offends is the spectacle of someone seeking to pardon his turkey and eat it, too.

You can’t dismiss this as “mere symbolism,” for the fake pardon symbolizes more than Washington insiders can comprehend. In our nation’s capital, politicians

  • argue for fiscal responsibility one minute and then plunge us further into debt the next,
  • demand sacrifices from the people while living high on the hog, and
  • decry the influence of special interests at press conferences and then deposit their checks at the bank.

One famous turkey lives, thanks to the powerful public kindness of our potentate; another, unknown (no doubt “middle-class”) bird dies for the benefit of that same boss.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. None of his predecessors — and not even the Nicolae and Elena Coscescou-cloned Missus and Herr Billy-Bubbah Blythes – ever lived so high off it as does the present pretender, Zero and as does his hog, Moocherlle-Antoinette.

    Tales of whose 5,000-mile separate-oil-sheikh-like wide-body-spiv-kite vacation-junkets abound, whose 2011-subsistence, alone, cost America’s Taxpayers One-Point-Four BILLION with a “B” Dollars — and whose so-called “state dinners” are sumptuous soirées that run to $5,000.00 a head for hundreds at a time of their cohorts cronies and criminal-co-conspirators!

    Sixteen-hundred Pennsylvania Avenue’s Housing Projects’ pair of public-trough-swilling pigs, jolled along by their joker, Jarrett, make the GSA and the Ninth Circuit’s litte rule-by-fiat George The Threes, when junketing, appear like pikers!

  2. drrik says:

    Friends of Barack get to skate. The middle class gets eaten. Nothing new here.

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