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Over at Townhall, the weekend’s subject is, once again, guns. But it gets worse: we’re talking about fake guns, here. And they’re just as worrisome . . . if you are an “educator.”

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  1. MingoV says:

    Our educators and teachers, who are supposed to be instructing children on how to be thinking adults, continually engage in childish magical thinking and in Orwellian groupthink. They believe that guns cause crimes, and that banishing guns (or anything that looks or smells like guns) will make us safe. They believe that normal play can be harmful, so they banish tag and slides and dodge ball (and then preach at children about the evils of becoming fat). They believe that sitting still for six or seven hours is a required and desirable behavior, and they give the diagnoses of ADD or ADHD to children who cannot conform.

    There is no doubt in my mind that public school teachers have an organized campaign to turn children into obedient zombies who will blindly follow the liberal elites who will be running our country.

  2. Eric says:

    The state of public education in this country is so bankrupt that measuring it’s value to our young people in this is simply meaningless. Teaching colleges seem to put a high value on students who can’t think for themselves, and these ‘bottom of the bucket’ types are tomorrow’s school administrators. I really can’t imagine why anyone with half a brain, who’s looking at spending the better part of four years in college, would even consider seeking a career in such pathetic confines. Teaching is the last thing these people will ever do. Mouthing a standardized government curriculum is about as close to “training young minds” as one will ever come of their forty years of effort. That’s a pretty sad way to spend a lifetime!

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