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This weekend’s Common Sense column essays the ground of violence. Sneak on over to and then rush back here for a few more citations.

By: Redactor


  1. Dale says:

    Nicely done Mr. Jacob. As former police officer, I participated in gang task force meetings twenty years ago and much of what we are seeing was forecasted back then. Disarming law abiding citizens will only make them victims as this problem will not go away with any such legislation. Hollywood and media need to shoulder a large portion of the responsibility along with those who worked at destroying families. Considering the lack of common sense and moral conviction in our government and society in general, and an agenda by many to undermine traditional societal and family values, it seems we have turned a corner in our country. Possibly a better way to phrase it would be…we have stepped off a cliff. I believe some folks wanted us to go over…some folks were asleep…some are waking up…many never will until we hit bottom.

  2. jack says:

    A very good article. The only thing missing was tying the 50 worst crime ridden cities to which party contolled them over the past three or four decades. I think we know the answer in Chicago. I agree with the first commentor, we have gone off the cliff and the outcome is now clear to many citizens. This is not a downward spiral it is a freefall.

  3. Basil T. says:

    On the very face of it- we can ALL see a feature that dominates the carnage. That feature, as obvious as it is, can only be mentioned by persons of courage, for speaking “it’s name” will certainly result in a massive attack upon the speaker of it. Let me be that speaker: RACE. We have a BLACK problem. Blacks have been denigrated by forced government programs to weaken and demoralize them. Not through any racist attacks, mind you, but by “programs” that have created sloth and dependence, and have ultimately demoralized not just individuals but have destroyed the family structure itself. But the do-gooder Liberals will do NOTHING toward correction of this cancerous disintegration- God forbid.

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