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Rare events often define our view of society and government. The regular slog of life we habitually forget and everyday crimes we let pass as if unnoticed. But a massacre, an assassination, or a big storm — these get a lot of coverage. And exercise our political imaginations.

Often unduly.

Yet, presently a rare-event story certainly qualifies as “newsworthy,” though almost no one talks about, and almost no media outlet covers: the serial infanticides of the abortion doctor currently on trial, Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

While media folks and political activists continue to publicize the Sandy Hooks shooting, on Gosnell’s bloody tale they remain silent. As Ed Krayewski notes at, just as a rare shooting has served a political cause, so too could Gosnell’s grisly crimes. But from the president, no grand “it’s not about me” speeches. From his followers, no demands for instant action.


The question doesn’t need to be asked. It’s politically inconvenient for “pro-choicers” to confront the grotesque crimes of a doctor engaged in late-term abortions that often became postpartum infanticide. And grisly ones at that.

The pro-choice movement typically responds to abortion in the same fashion they accuse those at the NRA: give no inch. Abortion rights activists defend late-term abortions and argue that bringing up the killing of infants is just so “off-point.” But after reading about the Gosnell case, it’s not off-point at all.

Certainly, Dr. Gosnell’s alleged infanticide should be mentioned for the same reason that any big story deserves coverage. Should it lead to immediate calls for more government regulation of abortion? That’s debatable. Should it inform the debate?


This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Chris Bieber says:

    thanks for your ongoing efforts to educate about and for freedom Paul..I met you once at the YAF Conservative Convention in DC..Eric Rittberg(whatever happened to him after his illfated Mainstream Libertarian fiasco?) asked me to introduce Dr. Paul to the convention…I was honored..but..I was exceedingly sick and could NOT talk so they got you to introduce the Good Doctor…. is a cut and paste of my post on a Gosnall article today on Yahoo..I hope you like it….let me know if you did! Thanks again for your fighting for freedom Paul!
    Chris in Laguna Hills CA
    4 reasons the media (mostly) ignores the Kermit Gosnell trial with my Comment
    By Harold Maass | The Week 4/16/13

    Chris • a second ago

    In the article and posters and news about abortion in general, the horrors of WHAT abortion IS and HOW it is done and the consequence to the Human BABY are glossed over with words like “grisly” and “it makes me ill” and “too lurid”. WHY is the “legal” chopping up and vacuuming out parts of a human baby, created by God, “too lurid”, “grisly” – and does it make(a reporter), a reader YOU? ill??????

    That walking-on-ice reporting or LACK of reporting is the RESULT of knowing and seeing WHAT abortion is and does…..afraid to confront either cultural condoning of the horror(job, career, friends etc) or personal condoning…which then confronts DIRECTLY ones personal relationship with God and His Gift of life to the reporter/reader and the utter incapability of truly denying ones or mankind’s sinfulness(just look at the news, HISTORY and one’s self) and need for a Savior.

    The Abortion Industry, aided and abetted by the Media and the taxpayers, is hunkered down in their clean, subsidized, and licensed office buildings and patiently waiting for this to blow over…they will casually cast aside this doctor to the wolves(the RRight) – he IS expendable to them..thousands more licensed “providers” of abortion are available for their MOSTLY Taxpayer subsidized “services” ….and merely keep “keeping on”….slaughtering, chopping up, scraping and vacuuming out human bodies and parts from the 94% “inconvenienced” mothers exercising their Government GIVEN “right” to kill their child.

    Remember to ask yourself..WHY is abortion “grisly”???????????????????????????

  2. Liz says:

    Libs ignore all the inconvenient truths that contradict their spin, and play up the ones that corroborate their spin, even long after they are proven false.

  3. Paul Jacob says:

    Chris — Good to hear from you. That was a very memorable intro for me as I ended up quoting Barry Goldwater’s famous “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue/extremism in the defense of freedom is no vice” line and the YAF crowd went wild. It was two minutes before i could finish my introduction of Ron.

    Liz — It is so transparent, too.

  4. Tree Dee says:

    Has anyone tabulated the score?
    Abortion industry:________
    Dr Mengele: _________

  5. Jay says:

    A few weeks ago, i read about this ” famous ethicist” (I don’t have the book handy to quote it exactly, nor this -in my opinion-idiot’s- views) who was VERY PRO- ANIMAL RIGHTS, FOR INTER-SPECIES MARRIAGE, ETC. BUT A FIRM BELIEVER THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH INFANTICIDE; R KILLING ILL PEOPLE, ETC.

    So, had the doctor(?) ( did he forget the oath he took-or should have taken- The Hippocratic oath (“First, do no harm) had killed 7 or 8 cats or dogs, one can bet that PETA, THE NASPCA, ETC. would have been out in force.

    But babies? Who gives a —-.

    Liberal mentality

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