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Prior to identifying the Boston Marathon bombers, upstanding members of the inane wing of the left intelligentsia fell all over themselves to express their earnest hope that the malefactors would turn out to be male right-wingers.

When the bombers turned out to be a couple of American lads who just happened to hail from Chechnya by way of Dagestan, and were Muslim, to boot, the disappointment was palpable. The burning desire to demonize white male tax protestors (read “Tea Party”/”militia” types) morphed into a defense of Islam and Muslim Americans at large . . . which is good, but why the defense of one set, but hatred for the other?

Now the “moral” conversation has switched to debating whether the surviving malefactor (the elder of the two brothers was killed in a shootout Thursday night), whose first name is Dzhokhar, should have been Mirandized (he was not) or even Guantanamoed (he hasn’t been so far).

Such is the state of ethical debate, today.

The story has overwhelmingly dominated the news. Why? Folks in general, including those on the inane left, like to hate bad guys. We’re fascinated by the story — more so, say, than the Texas fertilizer plant explosion that occurred the same week — because of the human element, the intent.

The malign intent.

But what the exact intention of these malefactors was, I don’t really know. What did they hope to accomplish? What could they achieve for Chechnya by killing Americans near a marathon finish line?

Once again folly and evil find intimate connection.

Maybe in some of our reactions, too.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Roger and Lynn Bloxham says:

    so many questions, too few real answers. Now I an such a cynic I do not believe anything any “official” tells me. Probably take at least 10 years before the truth slowly begins to emerge.

  2. Jay says:

    And the spin– now the mother-who had been arrested (for shoplifting)–” her sons are good boys; they were framed”; her husband-if the younger son dies, ‘all hell will break loose”-never mind that they are killers; never mind that Muslims kill indiscriminatly in many places (Nigeria; NW China; Russia)- and civilians (unarmed civilians) seem to be theri facorite target. And the Usless nations blames–who else? Israel.

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