Townhall: ‘Inappropriate’ Rights Violations in Obama’s ‘Democracy’


This weekend’s Common Sense column over at is about those awful Nixonian reactionaries who use government to suppress opposition and help establish fascist right-wing government here in America.

Oops. No, it isn’t. It’s about those awful Obamanian “progressives” using government to suppress opposition and help establish etc. etc.

Click on over to Townhall for the scoop. Come back here for a few extra scoops.

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  1. May
    Edward Agazarm

    Golly gee – Ohio was a “SWING” state that Obama campaign stated was a “MUST WIN”.

    What better way, other than fair in square, is there to “MUST WIN” then to silence the hardcore opposition?

    Real question- How far up does this go? My suspicion is it goes all the way to the oval office.

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