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Rand Paul is running for the presidency. You can tell, because some of his statements seem designed more to assuage fears of his radicalism than make sense of the current and worsening crisis. Click on over to Townhall, for this week’s Common Sense column, and then come back here to links for further reading.

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  1. Fred Eyler says:

    I believe that I should get back what I put in. I believe that the Goverment job is to Govern not to correct social woes. Is there a Think tank that can come up with a check list for the Goverment needs. Here are some things I think should be on the list. 1) Defense – A Military that protect US people – The govenment should not be protecting comecial interest out side the US. Many Wars have been fought for corparate greed. (Sending military advicor, Selling/trading weponry to align counties ok to protect our interests- (ie Israel). I believe the Peace corp is the best was to help spread American Values
    2)Commerece- I beieve that the transportation and communication should be guided by the Goverment not controled. Work with the states to plans tranportation needs and commuination needs. It the Stae job to adjust and implement the plan- but the the plan should be made on a Federal level not state level(Not sure if it should be paid for locally or nationally)
    Medical and Eduaction (these are not rights)should be overseen by the Federal govement, but Im not sure who should run it or pay for it, but it seem the lawyers cause most of the problem and the high costs.

  2. Edward Agazarm says:

    PAUL JACOB IS WRONG. To take Rand Paul’s point literally. When an aspiring libertarian politician makes a statement pointing out that even if you are for government you should be for a government within it’s means.

    That statement is meant to draw people in. To spread the word to the masses. The masses are needed to bring about the change we need.

    Or … you could continue to isolate our message into a mere historical footnote.

  3. Rick says:

    i think jacob is wrong too. i think you’re jumping the shark and grabbing a soundbite. you should be supporting the only guy with the sense to right the course before our children go over the falls.

    rand paul and his father are the only rational voices on the hill on sound money and fiscal responsibility.

  4. Java says:

    Mr. Jacob, you are wrong about Rand Paul. He is one of the few true representatives of the American people when it comes to fiscal responsibility and we should be cheering him on. Paul Ryan deserves kudos also.

  5. Edward Agazarm says:

    I must agree with JAVA.
    We should be cheering them on – helping indoctrinate more people into what a sensible model of government would be.

    We should not be picking at them and dragging them down.

    We need the liberty message to reach into the mind set of millions of low information voters and bring enlightenment.

    We are winning and let us work together, please.

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