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Every day: more revelations, more questions.

Was the IRS’s repressive targeting of Tea Party and similar groups seeking tax-exempt status “accidental”? Were only a few rogue or harried clerks responsible for the repressive targeting? Did anybody in the White House know about the repressive targeting as it happened? What does the frequency of IRS commissioners’ visits to the Obama White House tell us? What about the IRS union chief’s visit with Obama just before the repressive targeting began?

And that’s not all. How similar is the latest IRS repressive targeting of the enemies of those in power to previous IRS repressive targeting of the enemies of those in power? What about all the other forms of riding roughshod over individuals’ rights that the IRS routinely perpetrates?

And then there’s the practical question: What do we do about the mess?

Well, we could try to curtail the allegedly “unusual” abuses of government power and rights violations.

But what if the problem runs deeper?

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul argues that the problem lies “in the extraordinary power the tax system grants the IRS.” He very plausibly puts the current scandals in the context of the bureau’s central mandate: “The very purpose of the IRS is to transfer wealth from one group to another while violating our liberties in the process. Thus the only way Congress can protect our freedoms is to repeal the income tax and shutter the doors of the IRS once and for all.”

Hard? Yes. Doable? Yes — but only if such ideas catch on with more leaders than just the indefatigable Ron Paul.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Don Pritchard says:

    And that is the reason our founding fathers specifically forbad an income tax in the original constitution.

  2. Some Links says:

    […] Paul Jacob’s common sense tells him that the IRS should be abolished.  I agree.  (HT Kerry Dugas) […]

  3. […] Paul Jacob’s common sense tells him that the IRS should be abolished.  I agree.  (HT Kerry Dugas) […]

  4. […] via Common Sense with Paul Jacob » Archive » End the IRS?. […]

  5. Edward Agazarm says:


    We can all stop sending them money and filing their forms. F-them. They can’t but us ALL in jail.

  6. JFB says:

    Ron Paul is correct, as were the founding fathers. Worse, the income tax results in economic dislocations and market distortions which cripple the efficiency of the market and therefore the betterment of all. At 100 years out it is time to analyse the results, and rethink the premise, of this method of funding the government. The unintended consequences are becoming both clear and critical.

  7. drrik says:

    Starting to seem as if the whole Obama adminstration is populated by clandestine rogues.
    Were we to take photos and exibit them, it would be a rogues gallery.

  8. Jay says:

    Drik and Mr. Jacob ( and others) TRY TOI REMEMBER–i forget the exact year, but it was dring Obama’s first term, when NOTRE DAME STUDENTS wanted to (I think that it was) cancel him giving a commencement speech.

    He then threatened ( when the school canceled the invitation0 to cancel their tax exempt status.

    then, he ‘jokingly” said he was joking.

    I am sure that someone could come up with the right year 9 would have been about now-timewise) and quotes.

  9. aDonis says:

    Do it as soon as possible.

  10. Edward Agazarm says:

    He has also gave a speech and made an off color jokes about the IRS investigate people he didn’t like ONLY a few months ago.

    And several months ago asked if someone would like to be droned, for opposing him.

    He is drink on power – and a drunk’s tongue speaks his sober mind.

  11. Dwight Mann says:

    did they have the 100 year mandate also like the federal reserve? If they do, they should be taken up on it. . .
    Stupid, corrupt, partisan, unconstitutional, and just plain downright the devils spawn.
    I am really getting tired of play the word press game. It is like it does not want me to tell you my gods honest opinion Paul.
    come on moderators, accept my comment. I know how to do simple math. There is something seriously wrong with your site I am assuming.

  12. Dwight Mann says:

    finally after 7 tries. . .

  13. WB says:

    How to do it? Here’s one legislative approach:

    * Calculate tax burden per head as prior_year_outlays/prior_years_taxpayer_count (~$20k/head for 2014).

    * Each taxpayer must declare by the start of the year the state in which they will pay tax. Voting in a state automatically declares for the subsequent year.

    * Each state collects taxes however they wish, and remits on a quarterly basis to the US Treasury.

    * The IRS is terminated immediately.

    If your state passes through the capitation, hire or give to charity to help those who have trouble paying. Prefer an income tax? Support one for your state. Think that only business should be taxed? Lobby your state to implement such a plan. Don’t want that? Move to a different state.

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