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Obama does a Darth Vader impersonation. (Forget Palpatine.) See this weekend’s Common Sense column. Come back here for more reading.

Or, in this case, viewing: “New York Times Changes Its Tune” (Greg Gutfeld and Giraldo Riviera on Fox)

You can read something, too . . . this, the latest poop from the Post about PRISM.

Oh, and then there’s that all-important Star Wars reference:

By: Redactor

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  1. Edward Agazarm says:

    The terrorists won. Osama Bin Laden took America down with a handful of men.

    The blow back is what killed America. Cheney, and Bush sold the Congress and the people on their militarization overreaction – Obama cemented the deal. We now live in a totalitarian state nothing like America as she once was. Land of the free and home of the brave. NOT.

    Land of the frightened slaves to the desperate illusion of security.

    Goodbye lady liberty- it was nice but not meant to last.

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