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Protecting the peace isn’t easy. Sometimes it calls for extraordinary action. Like a recent police assault to capture and kill an outlaw . . .

In this case, the targeted outlaw wasn’t really a person at all, but a fawn named Giggles.

The baby deer was being illegally held by the Society of St. Francis no-kill animal shelter and farm near Kenosha, Wisconsin, without the required state permit. Giggles had been nursed back to health by shelter employees, who told reporters they were within days of moving the fawn to an Illinois wildlife facility.

Four sheriff deputies and nine Department of Natural Resources agents took the heavily-armed SWAT-like approach, and, through “aerial surveillance,” were able descend upon the fawn and kill it.

It is policy to euthanize because of the potential for disease and danger to humans.

“That’s one hell of a policy,” said the man who had cared for the dangerous Giggles.

Why the rush to kill this deer? And, why not make a phone call to talk to the folks at the Society of St. Francis, instead of a launching a military-style assault?

“If a sheriff’s department is going in to do a search warrant on a drug bust,” DNR spokeswomen Jennifer Niemeyer explained, “they don’t call them and ask them to voluntarily surrender their marijuana or whatever drug that they have before they show up.”

Right. No quarter is given to outlaws. Even if they are innocent forest creatures who had received illegal charity from well-meaning humanitarians.

This is Common Sense? I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. P. Long says:

    This story sounds about right. We’ve got a LAW on the books. President Obama might not obey the law at times. Attorney General Holder may not enforce the laws he doesn’t like, but get that deer the folks at St. Francis are harboring. We’ve got a LAW. Nobody knows or recognizes common sense any more. Are you sure you aren’t battling wind mills?

  2. drrik says:

    If they had called ahead of time, then they wouldn’t have had a chance to use all of the super-cool, neat, military-style swat equipment that they had gotten.

    Which. I think, pretty well makes Madison’s arguement of the dangers of a standing army.

  3. Edward Agazarm says:

    HOO YAA!

  4. Jay says:

    I am confused a bit-by the statement near the end. (RE) A search warrant and call to drug dealers—–.

    Was the deer a drug dealer? Selling pot or cocaine or heroine or running a meth lab? If so, a helluva smart deer, to do it from a religious organization’s palce.

  5. Jay says:

    last work-prior post-place; sorry spelled wrong.

  6. Milox says:

    I imagine the Sheriff’s oponent in the next election will have a heck of an issue to clobber him with.

  7. Lynn A. Bloxham says:

    One more unnecessary death, I think we stand at 23 this year, but I have lost track of the “pastry bitten in the shape of a gun” foolishness. I am sure there are a few sensible police left but they are certainly in the minority. Common Sense “ain’t” so common any more.

  8. Rick says:

    failing and broke governments always resort to fascism to keep the populace in it’s place. it’s happening because the government is broke and desperate to keep their pensions intact until they are gone. europe lead us here but it all goes back to the Federal Reserve and big banks who use these tiny political people to print more and more money to keep their banks and other financial systems from failing. they must preserve the status quo and the politicians who manage the taxpayers money.

    had we let the banks fail, we would have had a clearing of the debts which would have brought down home prices and the systems that keep prices so high that young people can’t afford to buy. the young are the future, not the fools who created these problems. but they have college debt(to pay for a college system pushed out of control by too easy college loans subsidized by the govt) and they are being pulled farther and farther from a world they can afford.

    Paul Voelker got it right. The current rulers of the Federal Reserve have already doomed the system to fail because they can no longer afford to allow the free market to right itself, This is because they truly understand that they, teh big banks, pension funds, insurance companies will be a casualty of a true cleansing of the system. Nothing in the financial world is real now because it totally depends on the blitzkrieg of printing $85billion dollars every single month to keep it afloat.

    Ron Paul also has it right. AUDIT THE FED AND SHUT IT DOWN.

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