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Not everything in Dr. Obama’s garden is coming up roses.

Even erstwhile — or perhaps masochistic — supporters of the thorny “Obamacare” legislation have sought exemptions from its costs and mandates, or complained about its “unexpected” destructive impact.

The AFL-CIO, for example, laments that employers otherwise subject to Obamacare mandates need not provide health insurance for employees working less than a certain number of hours. To get below the threshold, some big employers are systematically slashing employee hours. This trend may “[destroy] the 40-hour work week.” Oops.

Also thanks to Obamacare, some health insurance coverage is being excised from existing compensation packages, such as coverage for employees’ spouses. United Parcel Service has just joined the ranks of employers lopping such benefits. The company says Obamacare’s costs and mandates are a big part of the reason.

Not so fast, UPS! Isn’t this a biased misreading of the situation, as some experts claim? Bear with me here. According to the New York Times, “Several health care experts . . . said they believed the company was motivated by a desire to hold down health care costs, rather than because of cost increases under the law.” See, it’s not that UPS is trying to lessen the impact of cost increases; they’re only trying to reduce costs.

“Apples and oranges” or “six of one/half dozen of the other”?

One may as well pretend that persons breaking out of jail seek freedom when in fact they are merely endeavoring to escape imprisonment.

Let us not confuse such starkly opposite things. Thank you, experts.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. JFB says:

    For ever mandated economic dislocation there is a free market reaction. The true policy question is which one to attempt to stop, Washington will attempt the later, compounding and exacerbating the problem they caused. Fools, who are parting other people from their weath never learn as there is no detriment to them.

  2. JATR says:

    Hogwash–and you know it. UPS is cutting coverage for spouses who are employed elsewhere and can be covered by that employer’s health plan.

    Why not tell the whole story? Guess that wouldn’t serve your purpose.

  3. Drik says:

    Truly amazing.
    I am absolutely blown away.
    To think that the New York Times is STILL publishing AND that anyone still notices.

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