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Tonight Americans have an opportunity to listen to President Barack Obama as he directly states his case for a U.S. military attack on Syria. Wouldn’t it be nice if, for one day, instead of Americans listening to the president, the president had to listen to us?

Not just on Syria . . . on anything.

Well, Eureka!

The polls will be open in Colorado all day before the Big O’s big oration, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Rocky Mountain Time, enabling voters to do the talking in the first recall elections of state legislators in Colorado history.

This is no mere politician monologue, but a real democratic dialogue. And you can bet politicians will be listening — from state legislators to the gun-controller-in-chief.

The conversation started this past legislative session, when Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Senator Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) moved two laws through the Colorado Legislature. Anti-gun laws. This angered Second Amendment activists. The conversation continued when a group of citizens decided they weren’t willing to suffer silently; they drew up recall petitions and then gathered tens of thousands of voter signatures, triggering the recalls.

That’s a lot of hoops to jump through. The president can simply call up the networks and almost instantly communicate to millions. But citizens have to work harder for their talk time.

So, listen respectfully to the president tonight, by all means . . . but remember that, if you want politicians to listen, the initiative, referendum and recall constitute one heckuva megaphone.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Timely and astute account of much of what’s important, today, Mr Jacob but interesting you haven’t mentioned the massive vote and voter fraud that’s quite overtly happening in the Colorado Recall.

    Any comment, Sir?

    Sincerely and fraternally – B A:.

  2. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The problem is that I can’t bear to listen to the man. He will only spout a bundle of lies.

  3. Paul Jacob says:

    Brian Richard Allen — I had not heard this story. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I’m educating myself right now and will come back to comment later today.

    2WarAbnVet — By all means, skip the speech. If he says anything of note, I’ll let you know. 😉

  4. Paul Jacob says:

    We’ll see how much voter fraud actually occurs in these recall elections, but clearly, the law is a turkey that can easily allow fraud and abuse — as friend, Jon Caldara, demonstrated.

    And it should be noted that one of the Senators being recalled, Angela Giron, was the author of this lame new election law.

    My prediction has been that she would survive the recall, but that Sen. Pres. Morse would lose. Looking at partisan turnout in early voting suggests this is the case.



  5. Paul Jacob says:

    Thanks again for the info, Brian.

  6. Brian Wright says:

    Very encouraging news, Paul. Let’s hope if there is massive voter fraud it is exposed as well. I firmly believe we as a nation and a species are on the threshold of a New Paradigm of society based on truth, abundance, benevolence, and the nonaggression principle. The political criminal cabal(s) of the world are on their last legs before being brought to justice.

  7. You’re welcome, Paul.

    And congratulations on our WIN in Colorado.

    Makes me homesick.

    Keep up the Good Works.

    Shalom – B A

  8. Bill Gelwick says:

    Politicians only really start listening to the public right before the next campaign season. Beyond that, they may listen to some focus groups, but they are not going to listen to James Q. Public. Us Average Joe’s out here need to use our common sense when it’s time to go to the ballot box.

  9. MoreFreedom says:

    Hey Brian, regarding “massive voter fraud” they’ve written the laws here so if one follows the law, it’s not fraud is it?

    According to Colorado law, one can take a utility bill as ID, and if you don’t live in the jurisdiction, you can say you plan to live there, and then you can vote. That’s the law, and Caldera used it to vote in a different Colorado county than he actually lives. I suppose voters in Colorado could do the same now.

    So it looks like whoever gets the most people on the most busses for the longest time will be the winner.

    Reminds me of the poll tax, which the MSM seems to think is an abomination. I don’t see why since, if you’re not willing to contribute to the cost of government why should you be able to vote what they do?

    So rather than paying a poll tax to make your vote count, now it looks like you have to spend all day to make your votes count in Colorado.

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